8 Motivational Tricks For Exercising in Winter

8 Motivational Tricks For Exercising in Winter
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When winter is around, most people lose* all their fitness motivation. This is even made serious when the holidays are here. However, it is a common fact that hibernating during winter won’t burn your calories in any way. The fitness regimen has to be followed up to the end as long you want to keep the extra pounds from coming back. Failure to do this, you will have gained some pounds earlier next year. You will also find it hard to go back to your regular workout plan.

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Here are some motivational tricks to help you continue with exercises in winter:

Exercise in the Morning

Exercise in the Morning

Getting out of your bed when it is cold there outside is something most people would not fancy at all. However, bearing in mind the fact that all the health benefits accrued from regular exercises over the past seasons can go into waste during winter, you will find enough reasons to kick those sheets away and head right to the gym or your exercise venue. Why would you let all your efforts sink away just because of the ideal weather for exercising? Make exercises the first thing in the morning to keep your day warm.

Warm Up Indoors

You might feel uncomfortable to head outside to exercise when the temperatures have dipped down. The good news is that you can warm up while still inside your house. Try jogging, jumping jacks or high knees. This will set your body in the right mood and temperature to hit at the cold breeze outside. By the time you will be done with your exercises, you would even love to stay outdoors to cool down.

Gear Up

Gear Up

If you have been exercising for let’s say around 30 minutes in a day, work towards gearing up your workout duration when winter is around. You can add 15 minutes every day. Plus, working out on a chilly day in shorts can be a little uncomfortable for some people. You can opt for cozy clothes to improve* everything a little bit. Look for stylish outwear such as warm jackets or running gloves in order to make your stay outside more bearable.

Put on Workout Gear and Playlist

If you are seated at your house unsure whether you should hit out at the gym or not, it is the right time to put on your fitness playlist. Listening to music or tunes you hear when working out will trigger the urge to go out and exercise. Plus, you can put on your exercise gear even when you are in the worst moods to head to the gym. This is what scientist term as conditioned reflex. It sets up the right mood even when you feel distracted by the cold weather in winter.

Be Ready to Sweat

It is always cold during the winter season, and therefore, one thing you should look forward to is workouts that will make you break a sweat. Whether it is running, cycling, hitting up a Bikram yoga class or lifting weights, look for exercises that will raise your body temperatures. Alternatively, you can spend a few extra minutes in the sauna after exercising or bask in the heat to keep you sweating and going.

Exercise for Shorter Periods

Regardless of whether you are planning to workout for an extended duration, telling yourself that you will only exercise for a short period is a great way of ensuring* that you stick to the plan. For instance, you can assign yourself 10 minutes to engage in a physical activity. If the 10 minutes elapses and you feel less motivated, you can discontinue. However, there is a likelihood that you will wish to continue past the 10 minutes due to the “feel good” experience you will already be undergoing.

Engage Your Buddy

Engage Your Buddy

Perhaps you have been exercising on your own in the past. However, when desperate times strike, they call for desperate measures. In winter, one of the best motivational tricks to continue working out is recruiting a buddy to help you along in the gym. A partner when exercising is a great way to ensure that even when you are not in the right moods, you have no choice but to go out and exercise.

Have Fun Afterwards

This should be planned ahead before you hit out at the gym or your exercise venue. Make a promise to yourself that not unless you are through with your exercise timetable, you are not going to enjoy that fun moment. For example, you can plan visiting your best friend, hanging out with friends, cooking your favorite meal before you have exercised for 30 minutes. It is also important to ensure that you allocate yourself more time to shower and change. Don’t cut short your workout schedule to attend the fun-filled event.

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