6 Mood Wise Exercises (#3 You Must Try…)

Written by Evan Jensen
6 Mood Wise Exercises

You are aware that your mood can positively or negatively affect your desire to exercise and the kind of physical activities to engage in. Changes in mood call for a shift in the kind of workouts to perform. You might find it hard to head to the gym at certain times when you feel the best you can do is relax or share good time with friends. This also applies when it comes to exercise. One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated in a fitness routine is to merge your workouts with your current mood. It is the perfect solution to reap exercise benefits as you have fun. Here are some of the exercises you should consider depending on your mood:

#1 Angry: Kickboxing


Kickboxing is a high-intensity cardio workout essential to blow out the anger in you. It can help fight emotions of rough days as you kick, jab or punch your way through this strenuous workout. Other than boosting your endorphins, kickboxing makes you sweat and leave your tension on the floor of the gym. It is worth noting that you should channel your inner fire into your exercise effort without harming your body by going to the extremes. You can easily get fitness injuries by pushing too much in workouts out of anger or strong negative emotions. Listen to your body or let your trainer or colleague monitor your exercises and advice when you push too hard.

#2 Bold: Hike

Are you on a daring mood? Get that backpack and make an adventurous hike to challenge your curious mind and body. One of the advantages of hiking is that it target smaller stabilizer muscles that are usually ignored when working out in a gym. It is also a great opportunity to reconnect with nature, which is renowned to have significant psychological benefits. Various studies reflect that people who hike quite often tend to be more creative, happier, and mindful. Thus you shouldn’t be left behind while others are going for exploration.

#3 Happy: Run

Happy: Run

If you are filled with joy, get in control of the positive energy by hitting the road. This can be a golden opportunity to perk up your optimistic attitude to make running feel easy and even more enjoyable. Remember you will have to do it with the right kind of sporting shoes to avoid hurting your heels or ankles. Studies indicate that running improves mental performance, promote heart health and helps in falling asleep. However, don’t pound the pavement before bedtime as it can cause sleep disorder. Expect a much prettier day by combining that happy feeling with adrenaline rush and endorphins, feel-good hormones.

#4 Mellow: Ride

Enjoy that bicycle ride whenever your body feels best at it! You don’t have to use a lot of your energy to enjoy the host of benefits that come with hopping on the saddles. It is a great opportunity to interact with nature as you get refreshed by fresh air on the two wheels. It has been shown that cyclists tend to be physically fit, self-sufficient, and enjoy longer lives than non-peddlers. So don’t be left out and have fun as you ride in rough and smooth terrain as a sure way to of rewarding your calm mood.

#5 Sad: Swim

Sad: Swim

Getting yourself into a pool of calming water may help drown your sad mood as you enjoy your best stroke. Swimming gives you a chance to exercise in your own space, both physically and psychologically, as you do it at your own pace and style. Swimming is considered as a low-impact cardio workout that increases your heart rate without being too tough on your joints. On top of these, you feel refreshed and soothed as the water rush through the pool, and depressed people can ease their symptoms following an enjoyable session. So plunge into that pool when you are in the blues!

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#6 Excited: Boot Camp

If you are electrified, boot camp is the best way to challenge your energy as you burn fat and build muscles. It consists of short but intense cardio intervals for improving your overall strength, tighten your tummy, work abs, and slim your body. Try kettlebells or other new tools that utilize high-intensity interval workouts and circuits to boost your cardiovascular health, build muscles and strength long after working out. You will find it worth going back to exercise with colleagues and have fun. It is the perfect place to channel your positive energy.

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Irrespective of your mood, there is always an exercise that helps in improving self-awareness that fits you without getting you numb. If your mood makes you feel that exercising is not right for you, it is the high time to challenge the thought by hitting out for the best workout that fits your current mood. Even if you feel like it is not the best thing for you, giving a try can make it easier, enjoyable and beneficial to your health. So work for your mood but not against it!

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