The Truth About Female Libido & Secrets to Deal With!


What Is Women Libido?

Women libido, also known as female sex drive, is defined as the urge among women to have sexual intercourse. Men normally experience this desire as well. However the female libido differs in a number of ways from the male libido. Research shows that females reach highest point of their libido at their thirties, unlike men, who reach their peak while teenagers. One’s libido can be affected by age, stress, pregnancy, illness among other things. The urge for an individual to have a sexual intercourse, can also be determined by three factors.

  • Biological factors
  • Psychological factors
  • Social factors

According to Professor Edward O. Laumann of University of Chicago, the female libido is very sensitive to environment and context.

What Is The Importance Of Women Libido?

There are several reasons why the female libido should be regulated to the right levels. They stimulate one to have sexual intercourse which in turn has a positive impact on women as follows:

What Are The Various Female Sexual Enhancement Strategies?

While there are libido disorders experienced by women on certain instances in life, extreme cases should seek medical advice. Gynecologists’ advices on various sexual enhancement strategies to be used by women to enhance their libido include:

  • Quality Sleep: It’s amazing what quality sleep can do to not only your wellbeing, but also your libido. Research shows that women, who have quality sleep, also have higher levels of libido as opposed to the contrary. Quality sleep helps to relax both your mind and body from stress. Exercising this helps boost your sex drive significantly.
  • Moderate Drinking: Drinking in moderation can help solve the equation of libido. A little wine before sex can really put a woman in the mood.
  • Quitting Smoking: Smoking has been long known for its effects on the blood vessels, affecting sufficient blood flow. Quitting smoking will therefore help boost your libido.
  • Regular Exercise and a Healthy Diet: Routine exercise not only helps one lose weight and keep fit, but it is also one of the proven ways of bringing your sex drive to higher levels. When one is fit, blood circulates better throughout the body. This blood flows to the sexual organs thus increasing libido. Keeping fit also creates self-esteem which goes hand in hand with ones libido. Healthy diet with low sugar levels is also recommended.
  • Seeking Medical Assistance: Most women suffering from low libido are ashamed to visit the physician. However, seeking medical advice is highly recommended. Some libido issues need special medication. Physicians may have to perform blood and urine tests before they prescribe medicine to the patient.

How Libido In Females Changes?

Women’s libido is pretty much different to that of men. Men tend to reach their maximum peak of libido as teenagers. More often than not, ladies start hitting their peak at thirties. According to researcher Claudia Panzer, M.D, about half of women world over experience libido fluctuations due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause and also due to day to day psychological distresses and fatigue.

Which Sexual Problems Come With Women?

  • Sexual Response Cycle: Low libido adversely affects the four cycles of sexual stimulation, namely, excitement phase, plateau phase, orgasmic phase and resolution phase. For instance, at the excitement stage, women with low libido experience less vasocongestion with little or no vaginal lubrication. The plateau phase may take longer or not occur at all. These women are also known not to orgasm and for most of them, sex is actually painful.
  • Sexual Desire Problems in Women: Women suffering from low libido will also suffer from low sexual desire. They will think less about sex and take lots of time to get aroused.
  • Arousal Problems in Women: There is a difference between sexual arousal in women with low libido and the ones with a healthy libido. It takes much time for the ones with a low libido to be aroused than it will take the ones with a healthy libido.
  • Orgasmic Problems in Women: There are always orgasmic problems in women with low libido. They take longer time to reach orgasm or not at all.
  • Sexual Pain Disorders in Women: Women with a healthy libido experience more vasocongestion and vagina lubrication thus experience no pain during penetration. This is however the opposite with women with low libido.

Home Remedies To Increase Libido In Women

There are at-home cheap solutions that one can use to improve their sex drive:

  • Eating a balanced, healthy diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Adequate sleep
  • Kegel Exercises
  • Closely working with your partner to restore your libido
  • Eating foods that can increase your libido such as avocados, oysters, asparagus and nuts

How Can Women Increase Their Libido Naturally?

The following steps will help can you naturally increase your sex drive:

  • Regular exercise to cut weight
  • Inhaling certain scents, e.g. cinnamon or vanilla
  • Massage
  • Avoiding processed foods and dairy products

Can A Women Libido Patch Increase Sex Drive?

Yes! Research shows that women who use a libido patch have sex up to four times more than they previously would. They can be used to increase ones libido. However, one should be well aware of their possible side effects such as hormonal imbalances.

What Women Libido Herbs Actually Work?

Some common herbs that remedy to low libido include:

How Do Women Libido Supplements Increase Sex Drive?

According to research, most supplements relatively increase sex drive and some, such as Black cohosh are known to contain estrogen like properties. When used, they help increase your sex drive. However caution should be taken to avoid any side effects. There is a cure for low libido: practicing the above natural ways and visiting your gynecologists.

Final Words

Anyone woman can fall victim to a low libido. Acknowledging the unusual change in your sex life and working on it with your partner might be the first step in dealing with your libido. Regular gynecological checkups and being open to your physician will also go a long way in helping solve you sex drive problems.

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