Orgasm Without Penetration: Is it Achievable?

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Published: May 8, 2013 | Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Penetration Orgasm

The female orgasm is a succession of gratifying physical sensations and feelings which is also the peak of sexual stimulation. Orgasm in females is a lot more complicated since it doesn’t just involve physical but emotional components as well. However, most part of the female orgasm is still a mystery even after countless researches have been conducted.

There are various definitions of the female orgasm but there is still no universally accepted definition. Most existing definitions aren’t able to integrate both the physical and emotional dimensions of orgasm in one definition. There are two basic types of female orgasms when it comes to how it is achieved namely clitoris (foreplay) and vaginal (penetration) orgasms.

What are Vaginal Orgasms?

Vaginal orgasms which are commonly referred to as penetration orgasms are achieved through actual vaginal intercourse. However, there has been a long on-going debate whether women can climax from vaginal stimulation alone. This debate has been going on since the time of Sigmund Freud.

According to Sigmund Freud, women can only achieve vaginal orgasms once they have sexually matured. However, there is no evidence that supports this theory. On the other hand, there is some physical evidence suggesting that the physical changes that happen during vaginal or clitoral orgasms are the same. Research suggests that most women usually find it easier to have an orgasm when the clitoris is stimulated.

The Problem

The Problem

There is already a lot of poof that the very elusive vaginal orgasm is real. However, most women are not able to achieve an orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone. In many cases, some stimulation of the clitoris is necessary to achieve climax.

According to experts, the reason for this is because the mind is a very important part in achieving penetration orgasms. This includes the relationship of the woman with her partner along with how comfortable she is and many other issues. Also, experts say that it has something to do with stimulating the woman’s G-spot. In many cases, the penis just doesn’t stimulate the G-spot.

best way to achieve penetration orgasms


The best way to achieve penetration orgasms is by experimenting with some sex positions that stimulate the G-spot. Usually, this is easier when the woman is in control or on top. However, it differs from one woman to another. Experience is a big factor when it comes to having this kind of orgasm. You need to determine what works for you and communicate this with your partner.

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