Loss of Libido In Women

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Published: Dec 4, 2013 | Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018

Loss of Libido In Women

What is Low Libido?

Many women often suffer from low libido, which is basically another term for low sex drive. Having a low libido can prove to be very challenging and even embarrassing for a woman, especially if she’s in a committed relationship. Women over 40 are much more likely to suffer from low libido compared to younger women. This is due to a variety of reasons, all of which can cause low libido. It should also be stated that though older women are more likely to suffer from a low libido, it doesn’t mean that younger women cannot suffer from it at all.

Who is the Easy Target, Men Or Women?

Though both males and females can suffer from a low libido, it seems that women are the easiest target when it comes down to it. This can be because women often begin to feel old and used up earlier in life than men, and require constant approval to feel sexy and desired. When a woman starts feeling old and worn, her hormone levels may also dip into lows, causing a low libido. There are many reasons why women are more likely to suffer from a low libido, and some reasons can be purely psychological.

What Causes Low Libido in Women?

There are many reasons why a woman can be suffering from a low libido. All of the causes of low libido are usually easily treatable with a few physician visits. There are also some at home treatments that can be tried to cure a woman’s low libido and put her back to the woman she once was again.

  • Emotional Causes Of Low Libido In Women: One of the biggest causes of low libido in women are emotions. Women are naturally emotional beings and rely greatly on how they feel. When a woman is having emotional issues, whether with a partner or with how she feels about herself, it can easily cause low libido. This often happens as a woman gets older and begins to feel less desirable. Women with low self esteem are also much more likely to suffer from a low libido than women with healthy self esteem. This is perhaps one of the easiest, yet trickiest causes of low libido to solve. Mainly because it involves changing the woman’s mind on how she feels about issues, and how she feels about herself as well. This can be rather hard to do, especially if the woman has felt low about herself or her life for quite some time. The sooner the emotional issues are treated, the better the results will be and the easier it will be to cure a woman’s libido. Trust issues can also cause a low libido in women, especially if she feels she has been betrayed by her partner. This will take some time and work from both people to solve, but it certainly can be done.
  • Physical Causes of Low Libido In Women: Women can also get a low libido after having some physical issues. For example, if a woman has recently had a c-section or a traumatic birth, she may end up suffering from a low libido. Any physical cause that brings extreme pain or trauma to a woman can easily cause a low libido. There are also some health disorders such as a bad thyroid and heart than can cause a low libido. Staying fit and healthy is a wonderful way to help beat a low libido, women who are over weight and unhealthy can easily begin to have a low libido. This is why treating your body right and getting any necessary help needed is the best thing to do, for both your life and your sex life.
  • Hormonal Causes of Low Libido In Women: Another big cause of low libido in women are hormones. Hormones control many processes within the body, including sexual processes. When a woman’s hormone levels are low, her libido may begin to suffer as well. This is especially true if her estrogen level begins to drop, as estrogen is responsible for so many things within a woman’s body. Women over 40 often experience a drop in their hormone levels, as do women who are facing menopause. This cause is treatable though, after enough hormone treatments you should be able to feel like your old frisky self again.

What Are The Symptoms of Low Libido In Women?

There are a few symptoms a women can look for when deciding if she has a low libido. The first and most obvious symptom would be the lack of sex drive. This is when a woman may still like sex, and want it, but she just can’t get in that mood to actually do it. Night sweats are also often common with low libido. Depression or sadness is also often accompanied with a low libido in women. There are many small symptoms, but the main one is lack of sexual desire, which is easily noticeable after enough time. A woman may also find it hard to become aroused enough for sex without the use of lubricants. All of the symptoms can be treated with low libido treatment and will begin to subside as the disorder does.

What Should A Woman Do About Low Libido?

Many women may suffer with a low libido for years, thinking there’s something wrong with her before she finally realizes that it’s treatable and curable. The first thing the woman will need to do is figure out what the cause of her low libido may be, and then see a physician to help treat the disorder. Seeing a physician will help determine if a medical treatment plan is needed, and will also help the woman decide on a treatment plan which works best for her.

Are There Any Medicines For Low Libido?

One of the most common treatments for low libido involves the use of hormones. Hormones are usually administered through a series of shots, however some hormones are also available in pill form. A woman can also begin to take herbal supplements shown to help with a low libido. Eating right can also significantly help. There are a few medications that work, and your physician will be able to help you choose the right ones.

How Is Low Libido Diagnosed?

This disorder is usually diagnosed after a long consultation where the woman will answer many personal questions. The physician then takes this information and compares it to see if she may have a low libido. Blood tests may also be used among other diagnoses processes.

Having a low libido may be troublesome and even embarrassing, but it’s completely treatable and curable. No woman should have to suffer from low libido in this day and age. There are so many valid treatment options and treatment plans available. If you suffer from a low libido, help is out there, go find it because you deserve it.

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