Kegel Exercises: Guide for Women to Make Her Vagina Tighter

Kegel Exercises: To Make Your Vagina Tighter

A common problem that most women face is the gradual loosening and weakening of their vaginal muscles. There are several factors that can contribute to this problem including child birth and the natural aging process.

Kegel Exercises: Guide for Women to Make Her Vagina Tighter

While some women experience no adverse effects from this, other women find that it not only affects their sex life, it can also have a detrimental effect on their level of self-esteem. There are several procedures and vaginal firming creams that can help to correct this problem, but most women are turning to vaginal exercises that can help to strengthen and tighten the vaginal opening and walls.

One exercise in particular has been used by women for years, and has successfully proven that it can help to make your vagina tighter and stronger.

What Are the Kegel Exercises?

the Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises were designed to help strengthen and tighten the pelvic floor muscles. These are the muscles that not only support the vaginal wall muscles, but also the bladder, uterus, rectum, and small intestines. These exercises are simple to do, and are discreet enough that you can do them anywhere without notice.

The exercises can benefit any woman who experiences any type of incontinence including leakage while sneezing or coughing, having a strong and sudden urge to urinate before leakage occurs, and if you are experiencing problems with stool incontinence.

They are often performed during pregnancy, to help prevent incontinence, and are also used to help women who have a difficult time reaching an orgasm. When these exercises are done properly, they can be a powerful tool in helping women to fight bladder leakage and with problems reaching a vaginal orgasm.

How to do Kegel Exercises?

These exercises are extremely easy to do, and can have an amazing effect on tightening and strengthening a woman’s vagina. These results will not happen instantly, and it does require time and patience before you begin to see these results. Here are some tips on finding and strengthening these important muscles.

  • The most important thing is to find and identify this group of muscles. One of the easiest and surest ways is to abruptly stop your flow of urine in mid-stream. Once you have learned to recognize the feeling of these muscles clenching and relaxing, you will be able to tell if you are preforming the repetitions correctly.
  • After you have learned to identify your pelvic muscles, it is time to start the exercises. To begin, lay on your back with an empty bladder. Most women find it more comfortable to bend the knees, with their feet flat on the floor. Start to clench and then relax your pelvic muscles, gradually holding them tight for longer periods of time.It is generally easier to begin holding the contractions for 5 seconds at a time, gradually working up to ten second intervals. Once you have learned to recognize the feeling of these muscles, you will be able to perform these simple vagina tightening exercises anywhere.
  • These exercises work best when you are concentrating only on your pelvic muscles. If you try to focus on strengthening other muscle groups, you will not get the same results. It is also important to remember to not hold your breath during the muscle contractions.
  • Like any exercise the best results are always achieved by regular practice. Most health care professionals recommend doing three sets of ten repetitions each day.
  • It is also important for women to not practice their Kegel exercises while they are urinating. This can actually cause these muscles to weaken, which can result in urinary tract infections when the bladder is no longer able to completely empty itself.

A Tighter and Stronger Vagina

Tighter and Stronger Vagina

There are other exercises that can help strengthen a woman’s pelvic muscles, but only the Kegel exercises were developed with a woman’s sexual health in mind. Like any other exercise, it takes time and patience for results to be noticed, but over time, women will begin to notice a gradual strengthening and tightening of loose vaginas.

This can not only help improve their sex life, but it can also have a dramatic effect on a woman’s level of self-confidence.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


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