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How To Give A Hands-Free Massage For The Ultimate Pleasure

Here, we have discussed how to give a hands-free massage for the ultimate pleasure by our expertise to entitled our audiences.

There’s a whole new kind of meditative sexuality for those who haven’t yet learned about tantra, and it helps with stress, anxiety, confidence, and independence.

How To Give A Hands-Free Massage For The Ultimate Pleasure

Having a physical orgasm without external stimulation, or “energy orgasming,” is possible for anyone who struggles to experience orgasm partnered or through masturbation, whether because of physical disability, sexual phobias, anxiety intimacy, or lack of genital sensation.

Slowing down the erotic experience and feeling your body power up and strengthen in intensity toward orgasm, then allowing sensations to wash over you and feeling pleasure freely for as long as your body needs, is a sexual meditative trance that is difficult to measure or even explain.

Many women are capable of hands-free orgasm, though science knows little about how it happens in the body and brain. Some women can orgasm from nipple stimulation or even sexy stories.

It’s possible to contract and relax pelvic muscles, squeezing and releasing the internal and external clitoral tissue to achieve orgasm.

To attempt hands-free orgasms, don’t pressure your partner. Relax, enjoy erotic feelings, breathe and touch slowly and purposefully.

If words help, use them…they can become cues to the body over time. Let sensation take over, letting stress, worry, negative and overwhelming emotion go…allow only love and ecstasy to be present as you’re together.

Energy orgasms happen best when you don’t try too hard…enable energy to slide over your skin, through your body…touch one another’s bodies, wherever you like the most.

Lower your boundaries and let go of yourselves and your preconception about sex. And remember, practice makes perfect!

When attempting a hands-free orgasm, first set the mood. Ambiance matters; if women can’t feel relaxed, orgasms take much longer, if they happen at all.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Dim the lights, grab a towel, make sure the room isn’t too cold or too hot so that she’s comfortable when naked, make the room smell nice (scented candles are a great thing to have), and play some relaxing music on a low volume.

Nuru Massage1

There’s a trending technique of no-hands pleasuring called “Nuru,” (meaning “slippery”) in which both partners get entirely camouflaged in massage gel and use your bodies to endearment, rub, tickle, knead, slip, slide, and stroke all over the other person’s body.

It’s a mutual massage in which you hold one another firmly but gently, pressing around slowly for hours in a sensual and intimate massage that increases arousal.

Body slide over one another and discover what feels good, using your chin, elbows, butt, and nipples to slide to eventual orgasm.

It can be messy, but the weightless freedom coupled with a new and exciting sex act can be exquisite.

Slippery and unencumbered, partners tend to find new imaginative ways to feel great. And habits or routines that partners have had for a long time eventually are less pleasing; things start to get a little boring.

The sex they have had doesn’t have the same compelling aura as does something new and unknown.

Trying something new can help men have stronger erections, and great sex is the glue that holds relationships (and health) together.

We all know how good a hug feels (especially when naked). When both partners are slippery and connecting without any friction (just emotion and touch), and they let loose and experiment a bit on one another, they can change poses and figure out what feels good.

It’s erotic, pleasant, healthy, and fun. It’s excellent foreplay and doesn’t even use your hands.

Sensual massage, incorporating a highly secret and relaxing experience into your lives, allows both to receive pleasure without any pressure of performance and to assimilate an alternative source of intimacy into your relationship.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Giving what’s often called a “tantric” massage is an exquisite way to bond, relieve stress, and communicate to ensure both of you are comfortable with the intimacy occurring.

Try gradually assimilating amorous zones into the basic massage, watching for verbal and nonverbal feedback from your partner to show you how satisfied and comfortable she is at each stage, and focusing on the pressure on the most pleasurable areas.

Use your tongue and mouth to kiss, lick and breathe on your partner’s skin. Try using grapeseed oil; it doesn’t irritate women’s vaginas. Also, rose oil smells great, and sandalwood oil is known to help increase libido.

Sensual Massage2

Have her lay down comfortably either face up or face down; both positions allow you access to the sensitive regions. Begin by using your body, not your hands, to massage her chest, arms, thighs, and hands.

Stroke her breasts and nipples or thoroughly massage her buttocks in a circular motion.

Glide down her body and gently stroke the regions surrounding the genitals, building up her anticipation and making her aroused.

As her arousal begins to increase give her a genital massage in which you caress her rather than just touch her (again, not using your hands!). This will please her.

If she’s not getting wet enough, apply some lubrication, particularly when massaging her clitoris.

Gently apply pressure to her body, vulva, and labia lips. Lightly increase pressure on her clitoris as arousal increases, remembering that some women don’t find clitoral stimulation pleasing.

And ask her to help you find her clitoris if you can’t! Use a circular and figure-eight motion, use breathes and your tongue to steadily, slowly, and gently increase the amount of pressure.

If she reaches orgasm, move on to her labia (as her clitoris will be highly sensitive for a short time).

Try exploring her internal genitals (if a woman isn’t yet aroused, penetration is usually uncomfortable…so be patient) by stimulating her perhaps with a toy.

Once complete, allow her to relax peacefully, consider taking a romantic hot bath together if she likes, or even just let her fall asleep in your arms if she wants.

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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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