G-Spot: Everything you need to know about it.

Thanks to MRI machines and biopsies, medical researches are now convinced that the G-spot really does exist. Sexual therapists have been discussing this magical spot for years, and some women can only experience an orgasm through their G-spot.

G-Spot: Everything you need to know about it.

Not only can this super sensitive area be difficult to find, many women do not how to stimulate this tiny spot on their bodies. Learning how to find and work the G-spot can be the beginning of many extremely intense orgasms.

What is The G-Spot?

The G-spot is also known as the female prostrate, since the tissue that surrounds this small area produces chemicals that are remarkably similar to those produced by the male prostrate gland. The male prostrate is responsible for nourishing his sperm.

The G-spot is normally 1/4″ to 2″ long, and is located slightly past a woman’s vaginal opening, along her vagina’s upper wall. This small area is extremely sensitive, and when it is properly stimulated can produce some of the most intense orgasms. Some women have also reported an intense wetness, or even a slight ejaculation when they climax from their G-spots.

Where is The G-Spot?

For many women, finding their G-spot can be difficult. The best way for a woman to find it is to lay down on your back. First, spread your legs out while bending your knees, this will help to open up the vaginal opening. With your palm facing upwards, carefully insert two fingers while making a hooking motion.

There G-spot, or female prostrate is located on the inside of the vagina, up towards the top. This small area should feel slightly ridged and spongy. One way to tell that you have found it, is if you suddenly experiencing an overwhelming urge to urinate. This is natural, the urethra is located next to the G-spot. These feelings should soon be replaced by a pleasant warm and tingling sensation.

Working The G-Spot

Working The G-Spot

These techniques can be used by both you and your partner. Once you have located the G-Spot, it is always advisable to see how much pressure and stimulation your sensitive area needs before you orgasm. Using pillows to raise your lower body, can help to make it easier to find this spot.

Also, engaging in foreplay can help make it easier to locate. Since the more aroused a woman becomes, the more swollen the G-spot and surrounding area will be.

One way to work the G-spot involves gently caressing the sensitive area with one are two fingers. Try tracing figure eights, or moving from side to side. Try applying different types of pressure, until you find the right one. Another interesting technique involves repeatedly tapping the area. These quick, little taps can make it feel like each tap is the very first caress. It can result in an earth shattering orgasm.

Using The G-Spot During Intercourse

There are a couple of different sexual positions that can stimulate both a woman’s G-spot and the man’s penis. Sometimes, the missionary position is one of the easiest positions to slightly modify for truly satisfying sexual intercourse. After a woman has propped her lower body up, have the man slowly enter her while he is still sitting up.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

This will force his penis to enter at a slightly raised angle, where it can stimulate both your vagina and your G-spot. Lying flat on your stomach, with your legs pulled closely together is another way to have an orgasm from G-spot stimulation. What is perhaps the best position is having the woman straddle the man. From this vantage point, the angle, thrust, and amount of penetration and pressure can all be controlled by you.

Combining Different Types of Orgasms

Combining Different Types of Orgasms

Women can have different types of orgasms, either vaginal, clitoral, or from her G-spot. While each type of orgasm is slightly varied in its intensity and pleasure, they all have the desired effect. When these different types of orgasms are combined, the sensations produced by the orgasm can be overwhelming.

One way to achieve a combined orgasm is to stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris. During foreplay, a woman can become aroused enough to experience a blended orgasm. One of the easiest ways is to have him massage your clitoris with one hand and your G-spot with the other.

Having him use his tongue and mouth instead of his fingers, can also bring intense feelings of pleasure. The same techniques can also be applied during sexual intercourse, depending on which position you are in.

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A woman’s G-spot really does exist, and it can provide women with some of the most intense orgasms they have ever experienced. While this tiny area might be difficult to locate, the rewards are well worth it. Whether you experience the only orgasm from this erogenous zone or a blended one, it will always an experience you will not forget.


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