Hormone Replacement Therapy In Women’s Sexual Function

Q: Why women need hormone replacement therapy? What is the role of HRT in women’s sexual function?
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Many women are able to enjoy a lifetime of sex and sexual activities with no issues at all. However, some women do have issues, such as low libido, pain, issues with arousal and more. When a woman has a low sex drive, issues with arousal, issues with staying aroused or any issue that’s not pain which is harming her sex life, HRT or hormone replacement therapy may be something to consider. HRT has worked for many women to relieve them of their sexual issues and get them back in the sack.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

HRT, or hormone replacement therapy is when specialists administer hormones that were once lost or are very low. This is usually done through a series of shots, and a few different female sex hormones may be administered each treatment session. Women may need HRT if they have troubles with arousal, have a low sex drive, or have any other sexual issues. Some women may also need it to live a normal life, as hormones control much of the body’s processes. When a woman is lacking essential hormones, her sex life isn’t the only thing which may suffer. Her moods may become unstable, she can become weak and lethargic. Her whole life can basically be severely dampened all because she doesn’t have the proper amount of hormone for her body to run normally. This is where HRT comes into play as hormone therapy can be somewhat of a miracle for women with issues due to lack of hormones. Many specialists will work with the patient to put them on a hormone treatment plan that fits their individual needs and life. Your specialist will also go over any risks or possible side effects before beginning such treatment. Your specialist can also teach you how to administer the treatments at home, no matter which form you choose the treatment in.

HRT can play an important role in regaining a woman’s sexual function. This is because hormones are responsible for nearly every sexual function there is within a woman. Estrogen is a primary hormone, which controls many sexual processes, such as arousal and pleasure. When a woman is lacking in these essential hormones, her sexual functions may begin to suffer, leading to an unpleasant sex life, or no sex life at all. Because sex is usually a very important part of relationships, a woman’s romantic life can also suffer due to lack of hormone. HRT helps a woman get back the hormones that were lost, which in turn replenishes her sexual function and life in general. There are many different hormones which can be used with HRT, however estrogen and androgen are the most two common. Testosterone is rarely administered because it’s a male hormone, which women normally only have very little of. Testosterone can also effect a woman negatively in many ways, which is why many specialists only use this hormone for very extreme cases.

However, HRT isn’t the only treatment for hormone issues. Living a good life style, eating right, and even many herbal supplements can help replenish hormones which are lost. HRT plays a role in women’s sexual dysfunction because women need hormones to become aroused, stay aroused, get in the mood, and even orgasm. When a woman loses the needed hormones to do this, HRT takes its part. This treatment can play an important role because it will help a woman regain those lost hormones, allowing her to have and enjoy sex once again. Without any form of HRT, either natural or medical, a woman’s hormones will not become regulated, meaning that a woman will not enjoy or even want to have sex again. However, when either a natural or medical form of HRT is given, a woman can regain those hormones and get back into her sexual groove.

HRT can be a wonderful fix when it comes to hormone issues in women. As hormones are so crucial to normal body functions, including sexual functions, it’s important that women maintain the correct level of hormone. HRT can help a woman replenish hormones lost for any cause. This can be a saving treatment for women who have suffered from hormone loss. Often when a woman experiences hormone loss, her whole body can suffer. Her sexual function isn’t the only thing she may suffer from with hormone loss. Many women have had great success with HRT, which is why it’s so widely used for hormone issues all over the world. If you are suffering with low hormone levels, visit a specialist who may be able to help you as soon as possible, you deserve to live a normal and happy life. Herbal supplements can also do a lot for a woman with low hormone levels, as there are many natural ways to boost* hormones as well.

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