Best Female Libido Enhancers of 2017 Reviewed


Sexual desire fluctuates; sometimes your libido is high while there are also instances when you have no desire to have sex whatsoever. Low libido can be quite frustrating for women and their partners. It’s perfectly normal for sexual desire to decline as you age, but a full array of biological, emotional, and environmental factors contributes to it as well. This doesn’t have to be so depressing, particularly because the problem is entirely treatable and there’s a number of ways to improve your libido and sex life. For women who seek natural and safe treatments of their sexual issues, dietary supplements pose as the perfect solution. These products are usually made of natural ingredients with low risk of side effects.

The problem occurs when you want to purchase a top rated female libido enhancer and discover hundreds of these products are available. You feel confused and nervous because you don’t want to end up with the wrong (read: ineffective) supplement. To put a stop to those scenarios and ensure you get the useful product, we have evaluated female libido enhancers and reviewed best products on the market this year. Are they as effective as they claim to be? Keep reading to find out.

How to Treat Low Sex Drive in Women?

As mentioned above, libido decline is a treatable problem which is good news for all women out there. For example, a study whose findings were published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine showed that exercise has a tremendous potential to improve arousal in women. It comes as no surprise especially because physical activity boosts the release of feel-good chemicals and relieves stress.

Treat Low Sex Drive in women

Others ways of treating low libido in women include:

  • Get enough sleep – Sleep deprivation increases levels of stress hormone cortisol and decreases your energy, both of which affect the libido
  • De-stress – Find a unique way to relax and manage stress. As much as we try to avoid stressful situations, that’s not always possible, which is why doing something that makes you feel calm is practical
  • Communicate with your partner – In most cases, unresolved problems with significant others can also affect the sexual desire. You should feel comfortable to discuss everything with your spouse, including your sex life

You can also:

  • Set aside some time for intimacy
  • Spice up your sex life (sometimes monotony can be a libido killer as well)
  • Use lubricant
  • Ditch bad habits such as smoking or alcohol consumption

You can also consult your healthcare provider and see what he/she recommends for a libido boost. Most women opt for more natural solutions that dietary supplements provide, which is why they’re quite popular “tools” for the treatment of low sex drive in women.

Do Female Libido Enhancers work to Boost Libido?

Boost Libido

The first question that most women have regarding dietary supplements is “are they effective?” It’s important to bear in mind that not all products are created equal; they have different ingredients and formula. While some of them are incredibly helpful, others aren’t. For instance, researchers at the Stanford University discovered that supplement they used for the study has a tremendous potential to improve sexual desire and overall satisfaction in women. As you can see, female enhancement supplements work, you just have to make wise decisions and purchase the right product.

These supplements work to restore hormonal balance, boost energy levels, and stimulate blood flow throughout your organism, including the genital area.

What do you need to look while Choosing Female Libido Enhancers?

Libido enhancers can be of immense help for all women suffering from low sexual desire. That said, to improve your sex life with these products you have to know how to choose them properly. Here are some tips that you should consider when buying these supplements:

  • Manufacturer – if the brand behind the product isn’t reliable, then you shouldn’t take it into consideration. It’s important to do some research on the company itself, read about other products they have under their belt to determine whether they can be trusted
  • Reviews – do you really want to buy a product before finding out whether it worked for someone else? Don’t focus only on testimonials on official websites because (let’s face it); they can be fake. Instead, you should look for reviews on different internet sources and check whether they’re positive or negative
  • Ingredients – dietary supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, and they aren’t obliged to disclose all parts of the formula. It’s always a nice touch when a manufacturer provides detailed list of ingredients and their roles
  • Money-back guarantee – reliable companies always offer money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with their product
  • Free trials – most manufacturers offer free trials, but you should be careful. On some websites, ordering a free trial enrolls you into automatic shipping program which can be difficult to get out from
  • Claims – some products have outrageous and “too good to be true” claims, but no evidence to support them. Always take these claims with a pinch of salt.Libido Enhancers

Best Female Libido Enhancers you must go Through

Now that you know what to consider when buying female enhancement pills, you’re one step closer towards the ideal product to revolutionize your sex life. We have evaluated ten products dubbed as the best supplements in 2017 to determine how effective they are. Below, you can read what we have found out.

#1 Zenofem

The manufacturers of Zenofem took a science-based approach to improving female sex drive and created a product that enhances lubrication levels in the vagina, increase pleasure and sexual desire, while allowing women to experience satisfying and more intense orgasms. The product is manufactured in the GMP laboratory and contains all natural ingredients, thus having a very low risk of side effects. It’s also important to mention that Zenofem has positive reviews by women who’ve tried it. With all these benefits and many others, it comes as no wonder why this product is the top rated female enhancement pill on the market today. Read the full Zenofem review here.

#2 Femgasm

Femgasm is a libido booster geared towards women. The product contains the most potent aphrodisiacs and herbs that provide the most intense orgasms for mind-blowing sex. Read the full Femgasm review here.

#3 Durex Play

Durex is an internationally acclaimed trademark that primarily manufactures and sells condoms. Durex stands for durability, reliability, and excellence. Durex play is one of the products associated with the Durex trademark. Durex play represents a range of lubricants specially formulated for exactly what users need at specific times. Read the full Durex review here

#4 Herbal Quiver

Herbal Quiver is an orgasm intensifier and libido booster that uses a natural blend of ingredients to deliver its benefits. If you have a very limited budget but still want to have a better sex life, then this product is ideal for you. With the low price, positive reviews, and all-natural formula, this supplement deserved its place in top 10 list. Read the full Herbal Quiver review here.

#5 High-T Woman

High-T Woman contains ingredients known for their aphrodisiac properties to maximize sexual drive and restore normal sexual response cycle. What makes this female libido enhancement pill stand out from others is that it also works to increase testosterone levels to ensure high sex moods. Read the full High-T Woma review here.

#6 ImpresseX

ImpresseX is created with a mission to show that regardless of the circumstances, having mind-blowing sex and achieving intense orgasms is highly achievable. The sexual enhancer contains a unique blend of ingredients, primarily aphrodisiac herbs, from different parts of the world to promote a sexual desire for satisfactory sex and easy orgasm. Read the full ImpresseX review here.

#7 Labidorol

Labidorol is a result of extensive scientific research and uses potent mixture of ingredients that leaves women yearning for sex. It improves your sexual appetite by addressing hormonal imbalance which is known for dictating the sexual response. Read the full Labidorol review here.

#8 LexaFem

LexaFem guarantees stronger and more frequent orgasms that all women want to experience. If you’ve been struggling to reach climax while having intercourse, this product can help you get past that problem. The product works through different mechanisms such as high sexual desire, heightens arousal, enhances natural vaginal lubrication and sensitivity to address orgasm issues. Read the full LexaFem review here.

#9 Intimate Response

Intimate Response is a masterpiece by an award-winning brand, Source Naturals, created to support a woman’s vigor and vitality, particularly during the pre-menopausal stage. The supplement features a remarkable set of ingredients that assist in maintaining a healthy circulation which is necessary for overall health as well as sexual functioning. Read the full Intimate Response review here.

#10 Lyriana

Lyriana is formulated to address low sex desire and to improve mood in women who take it. The supplement’s formula also comprises of components that heighten sensitivity and arousal. Read the full Lyriana review here.


You don’t have to stress about low libido and poor sex life when there are numerous ways to solve these issues. Dietary supplements are perfect for women who want to manage their problems in a natural manner. This article reviewed top ten products and their efficacy, click on the link below every product to read full reviews and determine which one is ideal for your sex life.



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