7 Keys to Have a Healthy and Happy Relationship!

Happy Relationship

There will never be the perfect relationship, but there are ways to have a healthy and happy relationship that is perfect for you. While no two couples will have the exact same relationship, here are some broad guidelines that any partnership can follow that can help them have an emotionally and physically satisfying relationship.

Tips for Healthy and Happy Relationship

1. Mutual Respect

Without mutual respect, the chance of any relationship standing the test of time is remarkably slim. This does not imply that couples have to agree with each other on everything, but they do need to respect each other’s feelings and opinions. This mutual respect shows itself in the underlying love and trust that couples feel for each other whether it is a physical, mental, or verbal support. Relationship experts caution that couples who show contempt or scorn for each other normally do not last for very long.

2. Arguing, not Fighting

There is a difference between arguing and fighting, and couples who argue tend to have happier and healthier relationships. It is okay to disagree, and it is possible to have a healthy argument without fighting. The main difference between the two is that arguing is a non-combative disagreement that does not include name calling or belittling. Healthy arguments are a way of communication, and what is even more surprising is that many relationships experts consider there to be something seriously wrong in a relationship when the couple does not occasionally disagree.

3. Agreement on Sex

Sex is a natural and healthy part of any relationship, and it should never be used as a reward or withheld. Part of agreeing on sex, includes agreement on when and how often the couple has sex. Once this is in agreement, other issues such as style and position can be addressed as they appear. The most important thing to remember is to always have open and honest discussions about sexual preferences.

4. Agreement on Parenting

While parenting styles can be changed, it is important to come to an agreement on which parenting style is right for you. There are three main styles of parenting, and conflict can arise if each parent is using a separate style.

  • Authoritarian: There are no exceptions to the rules regardless of the circumstances.
  • Authoritative: There are till rules, but the children can have input regarding the final decision.
  • Lenient: There are very few rules, and minimal parental supervision.

5. Equality with Money

Happy and healthy relationships have a strong sense of equality when it comes to the couple’s income. This is true even if one partner makes a significantly higher salary than the other. There should never be any hidden accounts from each other, even though separate accounts can help to strengthen a relationship. All bills should be paid by the due date, without any exceptions, and any major purchases should be approved by both parties. Money does not have to be a cause for contention in a relationship if the couple behaves both fiscally responsibly and honestly.

6. Common Goals and Values

Sharing common goals and values does not have to mean sharing the same interests or even religions. What is important is that happy and healthy couples share the same values and goals in life. This can include anything from being valuing raising healthy and happy children, to the long term goal of retiring at a certain age. Whatever these goals and values are, it is important for couples to discuss and share them as their relationship continues to grow.

7. Fun

While often underrated or even forgotten about, the importance of a couple’s ability to laugh and have fun can never be dismissed. Over time looks and beauty will begin to fade, but the gift of making your partner laugh will never go away. Relationships that are truly healthy and happy, have never forgotten the importance of simply making their partner smile. It is a true gift and a sign of true and lasting love.

Final Observation

Having a healthy and happy relationship takes hard work, comprise, and mutual respect, in additional to a strong physical attraction. Among these seven tips, most relationship experts agree that a strong mutual respect for each other is the most important and necessary key to building and maintaining a long lasting relationship. This does not mean that couples must always agree with each other, or even share all the same beliefs, what it does mean is the couples need to support and respect each other always. Without that level of trust, the relationship is almost certain to fail. Love, respect and the ability to have fun can help keep any relationship vibrant and strong for many years to come.

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