Vaginal Health: How to Have Healthy and Happy Vagina?

7 Hygiene Rules to Maintain Better Vaginal Health
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It is not always easy for a woman to keep her vagina and the surrounding area feeling clean and fresh. Not only is this one of the most sensitive areas on a woman’s body, it also contains specialized bacteria that not only protect a woman’s vagina and vulva, but are also essential for her general health. There are many factors that can upset this delicate balance, including clothing, exercise, sexual intercourse, and hormonal changes. To help prevent all of these everyday experiences from disrupting your vaginal health, here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy vagina.

1. Take Care When Washing

Not only is this a sensitive area during sexual intercourse, it also has an extremely delicate ph balance. When this balance is disturbed, certain problems can arise. To help protect this delicate balance, many experts recommend washing with products that are specially formulated for feminine hygiene. Avoiding harsh chemicals and heavy perfumes is also recommended.

2. Pay Attention to Your Body

Women should always pay attention to their bodies, especially when it concerns this sensitive area. Vaginal bleeding, discharge, burning and itching sensations, and strong odors can all be an indicator that something could be wrong. Seeking the advice of a health care professional is always recommended in these cases.

3. Schedule Annual Exams

A woman should begin seeing a specialized care provider once they reach puberty. Regular PAP smears should also be scheduled. This can help to check for and prevent certain female diseases, including cervical cancer. It is a good idea to have these regular checkups both for your health, and to possibly diagnose any issues before they become health problems.

4. Exercise is Important

Just like regular exercise is important part of a healthy lifestyle, a woman’s vagina will also benefit from strengthening the surrounding muscles. The most common exercise is referred to as Kegels, and this simple yet effective tool can dramatically improve* your sex life and help you maintain a strong and healthy vagina. This simple exercise can be performed anywhere, and consist of simply clenching and releasing the muscles around the vagina.

5. Practice Safe Sex

Safe sex should always be practiced, and using protection is an important part of this. Condoms are not only for preventing unintentional pregnancies, they also protect against sexually transmitted disease. If these are not reason enough to always practice sex safe, then condoms can also help to protect a woman’s vagina from coming into contact with harmful bacteria. While some couples may complain about the loss of sensation that can occur from wearing a condom, this can be easily fixed. There is a wide range of styles for condoms, including some that can even enhance* the sexual experience. Once you have the right type of condoms, you and your partner will probably not even notice that he is wearing one.

6. Remember to Let Your Body Breath

Tight fitting clothing is not only uncomfortable for the wearer, it can also cause problems in the vulva and vaginal region. This sensitive area is already slightly moist, and a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Tight clothing will not only trap the moisture in, it can also change the body’s natural ph levels. Other problems can also include chaffing and irritation from the material rubbing against this area. Not only will loose fitting clothing help let your body breath, it will probably be more comfortable for you as well.

7. Use The Bathroom Before Having Intercourse

Not only is it recommended to use the restroom before having sex, it is also a good idea afterwards as well. The reason for this is simple, harmful bacteria can become present in the urethra and urination can help to remove* this bacteria. This can help to prevent urinary tract infections, as well as make you feel more comfortable with a relieved bladder.
All of these tips are important to follow for a healthy sexual life and a healthy vagina. A woman’s vagina is an extremely sensitive area and when there is a problem, her overall health is affected. Along with following these guidelines, it is also recommended that women wash their hands frequently to help prevent the spread of bacteria and other health complications. Maintaining a healthy vagina does not have to be difficult, and with a few preventative measures, women can enjoy a healthy and satisfying sex life for most of their lives.

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