6 Explosive Finger Techniques for Intense Climaxes


Using your fingers to stimulate a woman’s vagina can give her feelings of intense pleasure. This sensitive area is full of tiny nerve endings that are capable of giving her amazing orgasms when they are properly stimulated. Before attempting to penetrate a woman’s vagina, it is important to get her aroused first. With the right finger techniques, you will be able to get her aroused and give her a mind blowing orgasm.

Finger Techniques to Blow Her Mind

Not every one of these techniques will work for all women, so it will be up to you to determine which techniques she truly enjoys. Before trying any of these finger techniques, it is important to make sure she is properly lubricated. A water based lubricant can be applied to help ease vaginal dryness.

1. The Rubber

The RubberMany women have difficulty experiencing vaginal stimulation, and this technique concentrates on the clitoris. Using your middle and index fingers, gently begin to rub her clitoris. While you will begin slowly rubbing in circular motions, you can also increase the speed and tempo if she seems to enjoy it. Her body’s reactions will let you know how fast or how slow your motions should be.

2. The Fastest Finger

The Fastest Finger

This technique works best when you are kneeling in front of her vagina. Have her lie back with her legs spread open, and carefully insert one or two straight fingers. It is easier to keep your palm straight from a kneeling position, and help to ensure that you do not accidentally miss her vaginal opening. Keep inserting your fingers as fast as you can until she reaches an orgasm.

3. The Helping Hand

The Helping HandThis finger technique involves using both of your hands at once. With one hand gently use your fingertips to rub her clitoris, while inserting a finger from your other hand into her vagina. Not only will this dual arousal technique help to keep her lubricated, it can also help to reach incredible orgasms. You can also keep your palm turned upwards for additional stimulation. As you are inserting a finger into her vagina, use your thumb to tap her clitoris gently. This can help her to experience a more intense orgasm.

4. The G-spot Indicator

G-spot Indicator

A woman’s G-spot can be difficult to find, but it can also be enjoyable trying to locate it. A woman’s G-spot is usually located inside her vagina, at the top. The best way to reach this pleasurable spot is to turn your hand palm up, and make a hooking motion with your fingers. Carefully insert your curved fingers, and imagine that you are aiming for her belly button. It is best to start off slowly with this technique, and gradually increase your tempo as she becomes more aroused.

5. The Shocker

The ShockerIf she enjoys experimenting during sexual intercourse, and is open to unexpected stimulus this technique might let her enjoy a powerful orgasm. Begin by inserting your middle and index finger in her vagina. Once she has become aroused and is nearing a climax, place your pinkie finger in her anus. Often, this is all that it takes for her to have an incredibly powerful orgasm. This technique works best when she is lying on her side, and remember always to wash your hands after anal intercourse. It will help to stop the spread of harmful bacteria.

6. The Slider

The Slider

Once you have ensured that she is properly lubricated, place your index and middle finger at the top of her vagina. Slowly slid your fingers down either side, until you reach the opening. Continue until your fingers are inserted, and then repeat the process. You can increase the tempo as she becomes more aroused.

These are only some of the finger techniques that you can use to help her reach intensely powerful orgasms. Every woman reaches arousal differently, so it is important to learn what she enjoys. Open communication is also important, especially if you are trying a new technique. If you are considering adding anal stimulation to your sexual routine, it should first be discussed with a partner. Proper hygiene after anal intercourse is also important. Washing your hands before stimulating her vagina will help prevent certain bacterial infections that can occur in a woman’s vagina. Part of a healthy sexual relationship involves that ability for both partners to achieve an orgasm, and these finger techniques can help to keep her happy and satisfied.

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