Which is the Best Eyelash Extension or Eyelash Enhancer?

Which is the Best Eyelash Extension or Eyelash Enhancer

No matter what the means, it is no question that the addition of long dramatic eyelashes can significantly impact the aesthetic quality of a person’s appearance. Lucky for us, we live in a technological age that has spawned a myriad of options for us to choose from. The two most common ways of enhancement being: Eyelash extensions and Eyelash enhancement.

Eyelash extensions involve the addition of synthetic fibers onto the lashes either by gluing or, in some cases, sewing on of the fake lashes. Eyelash enhancement employs a more natural process, in that the formulas work to encourage and stimulate natural lash growth to push a person’s own hair follicles to produce maximum hair length and thickness.

To help you decide which path to take on your road to beautiful eyelashes here are some pros and cons of both eyelash extensions and eyelash enhancers.

Eyelash Extensions


  • The longest amount of time you spend waiting for perfectly full and gorgeous lashes is the 4 hours it takes to install a full-set of new eyelash extensions. After that, the time it takes to “refill” your lashes will be drastically cut down to 2 hours per session. If you don’t have the time, or the cash, to get semi-permanent lashes done you can always opt for the more traditional make-up routine of putting on fake drugstore lashes every morning. Total time consumed: 2-5 minutes
  • There is such a wide range of fake eyelashes to choose from. From natural looking ones to full on theatrical grade feather eye fringe
  • For short notice parties and events, eyelash extensions are the only way to go
  • You have to admit, they’re really quite beautiful and striking. That alone should win the argument for you


  • Extensions, especially semi-permanent ones, tend to fall off with the natural eyelashes they were attached to. Which means, that you will have to go back to your beauty professional every 2-3 weeks to have your extensions refilled
  • It is a high maintenance beauty treatment
  • With the cost of upkeep and everything, it can be argued that extensions can be more expensive in the long run. On average you will spend about $20 a month on temporary extensions and $100 a month on semi-permanent ones done at the salon
  • Extensions are a little sensitive and can be a hassle to maintain. They can fall off along with your lashes if you rub them too much. You can’t use mascara on them unless the mascara is oil free because that will deteriorate their quality and you have to exercise extra care with them in the shower because the glue will wear off with repeated contact to water. This is going to be a no-no for active people

Eyelash Enhancers

Eyelash Extensions


  • You are enhancing* the beauty of your NATURAL eyelashes. With or without makeup on, you can be sure that your eyelashes look gorgeous
  • The most effort you will ever expand is the nightly application of your lash serum. Other than that this kind of treatment is super low maintenance
  • A wide price range of lash-enhancing products have become available in today’s market. It used to be that products of this type would cost you a few hundred dollars a month. Now, some of the newer products in the market will set you back about $100 but can last you from 6 months to a year. In exchange for amazing natural lashes, that’s a pretty great deal
  • As compared to lash extensions these serum lengthened lashes can be worn on the go. You don’t have to worry about them falling off or getting tugged or getting wet. If you’re an active person, all you need to do is curl your lashes, put on waterproof mascara and you’re good to go


  • The lashes will return to their natural length within weeks if you don’t continue to use the serum
  • It takes quite a long time to see results with even the most potent formulations of eyelash enhancers. The average amount of time it takes to get desired results would be between 3-10 weeks. If you need full-on dramatic lashes by tomorrow morning, these products are not for you
  • There have also been numerous documented side effects of these products. Side effects include itching or allergic reactions, redness of the eye and even darkening of your irises. Research has also suggested that continuous use of some of these products can dull vision in the long run
  • You have to be extra careful not to get these products into other areas of your skin. Remember, the way these products work is by stimulating your hair follicles, which can be found in most parts of your body. This means that it could cause unwanted hair growth should it come into contact with other parts of your skin

Whether you decide to go get eyelash extensions or to get lash enhancers instead, put the advantages and disadvantages into consideration. Do get more research and information about the procedures. Both procedures will take some time and maybe a lot of money so it is important that you take your own lifestyle into consideration to be able to identify which procedure suits you best.

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