Mascara or Eyelash Curler? Which Comes First?

Q: I have the shortest eyelashes ever. I usually just wear mascara but I just got an eyelash curler and wondered which do I use first. One other question also should mascara be worn before or after curling?
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Mascara or Eyelash Curler? Which Comes First?

I’m glad you brought this question up. Lashes give an extremely mysterious and elegant vibe off and sadly women with short and sparse lashes kind of get short changed. The good thing is, with the magic* of makeup, you can fix absolutely everything. I commend you for taking the first step in buying the proper products such as your eyelash curler and mascara. The question posed before us now is how do we use these products in such a way that it gives you the illusion of longer lashes?

With regards to your question about which one to use first, the curler or then mascara, most women don’t know this, but it should most definitely be the curler. Using the curler first curves your lashes upward and gives your mascara the proper base. Using mascara especially for makeup newbies can be tricky so having it already curled lessens the chance of you getting some on your skin and having to remove* it later on. Also, when you use your mascara and then curl it, it kind of gives off an unnatural look doesn’t it? The eyelash curler will leave a noticeable line in between your lashes and honey that just isn’t cute.

Mascara or Eyelash Curler? Which Comes First?

After curling your lashes, you then apply your mascara. Ladies with short lashes listen up; buy lengthening mascara! It’s so obvious but some women still get it wrong. Lengthening mascaras are specially formulated to help us out. Not only that, the mascara wands that come with lengthening mascaras are also built to ensure that your lashes look longer. For safety measure, always make sure to buy a curved mascara wand since these usually give off a more natural look and lessen the chance of weighing your lashes down making them look even shorter.

One last tip would have to come from makeup artist and beauty expert, Christina Kazadzis. Christina recommends applying a second coat. She claims that applying a second coat just on the tips of your eyelashes will build out its length without having to worry about your lashes being weighed down by the weight of the second coat. Also, remember that it is best to apply the second coat before the first coat completely dries in order to avoid clumping.

Remember, it is always great to have your mascara and eyelash curler in your beauty stash but these little pick me ups are usually temporary and will wear off once you wash your lashes off. Natural remedies such as castor oil and olive oil, when massaged to your lashes will help lengthen your lashes in the long run. Also, there is no shame in opting for more permanent choices such as false eyelashes and eyelash extensions. There are just so many choices for women who are aggravated by the lack of length in their lashes. Chin up ladies! The options are endless!

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