Does Anyone Know Any Good Home Remedy to Make Eyelashes Grow?

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Q: My lashes are very scarce now due to false eyelashes they were once thick and long. Even if i use mascara, it seems still short. That upset me. Do you know any good home remedy to make eyelashes grow? Any special mascaras, home remedies, anything!!!
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Natural remedies are not only effective but they also give you a safer and more environmentally friendly choice. It’s also way cheaper so this is most likely a win-win situation. Listed below are some of the most popular natural remedies to short and brittle hair.

Proper Diet

Home Remedy to Make Eyelashes Grow

Before we get to more topical treatments, it is best to start with your inner health. Making sure that your lashes are getting enough vitamins and supplements to keep them long and healthy.

Vitamins C, D, E and H are extremely helpful in keeping your eye lashes looking full and healthy.

Vitamin C is a normal daily supplement but can also be found in fruits such as kiwi, oranges and watermelons. Vitamin C aids your body in its absorption of iron which is good for normal hair growth and for over all healthy hair.

Vitamin D reduces* hair loss by strengthening your hair follicle. It can be found in fish, cheeses and even in fortified cereals.

Lastly, Vitamin H can be found in mushrooms and whole grains. Vitamin H helps rebuild* hair that is already dry and splitting, it revives your eye lashes to its healthy fullness.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is known for its moisturizing properties and endless health benefits. It is extracted from the olive fruit by either pressing or squeezing it out of them. This oil has been thought to help slow down the development of some cancers and even heart disease. Rich in vitamins E & K, chlorophyll and carotenoids it is quite potent as an anti-oxidant.

The effects are similar to that of Petroleum Jelly as it provides much needed moisture to lashes and helps them grow to their optimum length. An added benefit for using this as treatment for short lashes is it could moisturize the skin on the eyes and help prevent the development of crow’s feet or wrinkles.

The easiest way to apply the olive oil onto lashes is to just take a clean mascara wand dip it into the oil and apply it to your lashes like you would your favorite mascara. Leave the oil on for about 5 minutes before washing off.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly or white petrolatum is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons used by consumers as a sort of topical ointment to cure* everything from toenail fungus to diaper rash. It can also apparently be used to make your eyelashes fuller and longer. Petroleum jelly, with its moisture rich properties, makes eyelashes healthier thus preventing any sort of premature breakage.

Clean your eyelid area and make sure that your lashes are gunk free (you can even use the petroleum jelly to clean your mascara for this step). Just take a q-tip and dip it into a little bit of petroleum jelly, you don’t need to put on a whole lot of it. Using the q-tip as an applicator, run it along your lash line careful not to get it into your eye, as you would eyeliner. Afterwards get a little bit of the petroleum jelly in between your thumb and index finger and slowly get some of it onto your lashes. You should start seeing some improvement in about 2-4 weeks.

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