Will My Eyelashes Grow Back After Chemo? Know everything about it

Eyelashes Grow Back After Chemo
Q: I lost my eyelashes during chemo and I just finished my last cycle of chemo and want to know if my lashes will grow back and if they do will they possibly be thicker or longer?? How long does it take?
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Tumors are usually remedied by chemotherapy. Although most people have different reactions to chemotherapy, a common side effect of this treatment is hair loss. This applies to hair located in different parts of your body which includes the eyelashes, although this is not as common.

A lot of chemotherapy patients complain that their eyelashes go through the process of loss and regrowth in repetitive cycles during the course of their treatment. A person going through chemo therapy which usually involves the falling out of hair. In these situations the only thing you can do is to wait for your body to naturally restore itself after your treatment.

Although lashes do naturally fall out, they also naturally grow back. This is all part of a 3 step process that will be discussed in this article. Eyelashes go through three stages of growth.

Sadly, the average eyelash cannot make it until the last phase because of factors such as makeup or aging. When you are taking proper care of your lashes, they will grow to their potential thickness and length and they are able to finish all 3 stages of their 3 phase cycle. However, in chemotherapy patients, the lashes fall off pre maturely as a side effect of the treatment.

A lot of people recommend using false eyelashes in these situations. It is however highly recommended that you approach your doctor about this first. There are companies that make false eyelashes especially for patients undergoing chemotherapy.


Another solution would be to eat right and continue taking food that is needed by your body to have healthy eyelashes. Conditioning your eyelashes may also alleviate this problem since it rehydrates your dry and brittle eyelashes. Also, being gentle when applying and removing* makeup can do a world of wonders for your eyelash health. it’s all about the eyelash but if it comes to aging you can go through Alastin Restorative Eye Treatment.

Conditioning your lashes using castor oil, coconut oil, petroleum jelly or any eyelash conditioner will help this situation because by rehydrating the damaged lashes, the eyelashes are slowly restored to their old healthy form.

This can be done by using a clean mascara wand or by simply using your clean hands to gently apply these conditioners to the lashes (careful not to apply any on the roots of the lashes) before going to sleep and removing* them in the morning. You will have fuller and healthier lashes in no time!

Studies have however shown that some chemotherapy patients have shown progress in the use of eyelash enhancers. Some women that are still going through the rounds of chemotherapy even go as far as saying that because of the use of eyelash enhancers during their treatment, they didn’t even experience any eyelash loss! How amazing is that?

eyelash enhancers treatments

As you can see, there are so many options for those of us that are going through the tedious process of chemotherapy and it’s great that simple joys such as pretty lashes can be easily remedied.

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