Does Baby Shampoo Help to Grow Longer Eyelashes?

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Published: Mar 12, 2014 | Last Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Grow Longer Eyelashes
Q: I heard that the baby shampoo can help in growing the eyelashes. Does it really work? How can baby shampoo help you to grow your eyelashes?
Expert Answer

Although this isn’t really the most popular of tips, baby shampoo is actually used by some women to aid in the growth of their lashes. Admittedly there isn’t really any scientific evidence to support this some women has had success using this method.

Some women have completely rejected the idea of this tip since it has not really done much for them but some have reported that using baby shampoo to wash their lashes on a daily basis made a huge difference on the length of their eyelashes. But can the success of some really mean that this is a sure fire way to grow out your lashes? Or can this tip be a hit and a miss?

The possible logic behind this tip is the fact that baby shampoo does contain and is packed with all kinds of vitamins and nutrients that make baby’s hair strong.

There is quite a bit of sense in that, but isn’t it that hair on the scalp and eyelash hair have different kinds of nutritional needs? It is also incredibly mild which means you can use it in an area as sensitive as the eyelash area without any burning sensation or worry about it stinging your eyes.

There is however no questioning this factor as baby companies have made baby shampoo extremely mild and hypo-allergenic for babies. It is possible that the combination of the two components make people think and believe that baby shampoo can grow out your eyelashes.

But can these really mean that we’ve found the holy grail of eyelash growth? Or is this another type of fad that will just leave us sad and hopeless?

Upon further research, we’re sorry ladies; we have to declare this as a dud. For every woman that says that baby shampoo did indeed help grow out her eyelashes, there are five women that say otherwise. It seems that for a lot of women, using baby shampoo daily hasn’t really made much of a difference to their eyelash growth.

It seems like the bad outweighs the good as woman after woman have reported negative reviews when it comes to baby shampoo for eyelash lengthening. This means that this eyelash urban legend is exactly that. It is only but a myth.

However, we would still urge you to buy baby shampoo for your eyelashes. Now don’t think we’re giving you mixed signals here, we actually do think that using baby shampoo on your eyelashes is a fantastic idea, but not really for the reason that you think, like eyelash growth.

Baby shampoo is amazing for removing eye makeup! Now most of us have had trouble removing eye makeup using our regular run of the mill facial cleansers since rubbing those into your eye area really stings! And if you don’t rub it in, you usually end up looking like a racoon, YIKES! A great tip would be to use baby shampoo to remover your stubborn eyeliner, eye shadow and water proof mascara.

Rubbing your eyes isn’t a problem since baby shampoos are formulated to be extremely mild and hypo-allergenic since babies are so sensitive. If you do end up finding out that baby shampoo makes eyelashes longer then it’s just an added bonus for you.

However, if you have found success using this method then by all means, you should continue to use it, what we’re saying here is that for most women, this doesn’t seem to work but if you’re willing to take the risk and try this tip for yourself then by all means, go right ahead! There is absolutely no harm in it since baby shampoo is sold everywhere, it is cheap and it is extremely safe to use.

If it does end up breaking your heart and it doesn’t make your eyelashes grow, then you still haven’t lost sweetie, you can use it for other purposes!

So our final say to your question would be no, baby shampoo usually doesn’t aid eyelash growth. However, we still encourage you to run to your drugstore to buy a bottle to use as your nightly eye makeup cleanser.

It is cheap, it smells like babies (who doesn’t love that?) and it is extremely mild! Although you may be disappointed that baby shampoo doesn’t work in terms of eyelash growth, hey, at least you have for yourself a new eyelash cleanser! It’s a win win!

We do hope that we have answered your question and that you end up making an informed decision regarding the use of baby shampoo on eyelashes. We urge you to keep sending in your questions so we can debunk and maybe even support these eyelash growth myths together!

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