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We’ve all been there. We’ve gone a little crazy too. Yeah, we’ve heard it all. Sure, those annoying little stray eyebrow hairs were asking for it. But honey, it doesn’t change the fact that you’ve got eyebrows that look like they’ve been drawn on or you’ve got uneven and patchy eyebrows.

Can You Grow Out Over-Plucked Eyebrows? – Know It Yourself

Boy did you pick the worst time to do this too seeing as the current trend seems to be strong and bushy brows? The great thing is you’ve come to the right place! Below are a couple of plucking eyebrows tips and tricks you could use for this little eyebrow boo-boo.

1. Don’t Pluck Or Wax!

Do you think Is plucking eyebrows bad? Just say no. Or at least until your eyebrows grow back. Constantly picking at your already distressed brows and trying to fix it will only make matters worse. Whichever way you put it, the more eyebrows you waxed will just leave you with less eyebrows than you had a couple of minutes ago. So put down that wax and put down that puller, just let your eyebrows grow out first.

2. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Have you ever tried to fix your eyebrows waxed and tinted and you ended up with kind of off-looking brows. Not the kind that would bother anyone or anything but the kind that just doesn’t look all that even to you.

And of course it doesn’t, if anyone knows your face, it’s you! The great thing is most people probably won’t notice your small mistake mainly because it’s such a small mistake.

A couple of mistakenly pulled out brows here and there does not mean the end of the world. It happens to everyone. So don’t stress out and just leave your brows alone.

3. Grow ‘Em Out in Rows

Most people will probably tell you to just wait it out and to just let your brows grow back on their own, this is actually excellent advice. However, this may not sound like the best idea for everyone.

Most people who end up over plucking their brows are actually those that are extremely particular about how their brows look and most likely don’t want them looking unruly and overgrown. There is a solution to this situation, a reconciliation of both ideas.

The trick is to grow them out in rows. The idea is to pick out a row of brow hair and let this row grow out. You then clean and pluck the rest of the stray hairs. This may sound like it will give you longer growing time, and trust us it does, but it does give you the look of cleaner brows in the process.

4. Stimulate Growth through Exfoliation

Stimulating the brow and the skin around it not only boosts blood flow in the area but it also removed dead skin cells which encourages hair growth in the area. You can use anything. Whatever suits you is best is a toothbrush, exfoliating scrub, or even your own sugar and honey scrub.

5. Use a Brow Razor for Stubborn Areas

This is a trick I personally wish I learned sooner. Plucking and, especially, waxing your brows usually leads to you accidentally removing a couple of strands of eyebrow hair. The trick to this is using a razor to reach those stubborn areas. You know, the nooks and crannies that seem to be the perfect hiding spot for stray hair.

Eyebrow razors nowadays are especially crafter for your brows hence the tips are usually made in such a way that it can reach the inner corner of your brow without removing hair that you don’t really want to hence avoiding over plucking or waxing. Pluck your eyebrows correctly.

6. Experiment with a Brow Serum

Experiment with a Brow Serum

Brow Serum

If push comes to shove and your brows are just not growing out on time, then maybe it’s about time that you start considering the best eyebrow growth serums. These serums are specifically made to encourage brow growth. Another option would also be to opt for an eyelash serum.

They usually come in small tubes and are applied to the eyelashes twice a day in order to promote growth in the lashes making them full and long.

7. Fill In With Brow Powders As You Wait

What is the point of makeup if you’re not going to use it? Brow powders are can now be found anywhere and everywhere and usually come in a little compact equipped with a brow wax and a brow powder.

With a little bit of practice, not only does this remedy your over plucking problem but it also gives you perfectly shaped brows! For those that would prefer to use eyebrow pencils, that really is your choice.

However eyebrow powders are highly recommended because of its natural finish and because it does not do as much damage to the brows as eyebrow pencils do.


Consider your problem solved! Eyebrows, though they seem to be unnoticeable, actually serve a very specific purpose and contribute a whole lot to your overall look. Think of brows as the frame to your face. So if the frame to your face is too thin or looks patchy then wouldn’t that distract from the masterpiece that is your face? Now that’s something to think about.

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