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Eyelashes, just like any other body part, need vitamins and nutrients to keep it strong and healthy. Adding certain supplements or best foods for eyelash growth to your diet could make your lashes fuller, longer and healthier.

Top 5 Foods for Stronger Eyelashes – You Must Have Them!
Foods For Stronger Eyelashe

Also, your eyelashes have withstood years of eye makeup, mascara and false eyelashes, which means that your lashes have gone through, breakage and hair loss, a regular intake of the following vitamins could make for more gorgeous, longer and fuller lashes.

1. Salmon

Salmon is jam-packed with proteins and nutrients that make your hair grow and keeps it strong. Salmon contains all kinds of foods that promote eyelash growth and strengthen the eyelash shaft.
Dietician Andrea Giancoli swears by this and says that the essential omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon support the overall health of your scalp and hair follicles.

Salmon is loaded with protein and fish oil which is a power duo when it comes to keeping hair healthy. If you’re a vegetarian and just don’t have the heart to eat this fishy friend, then getting omega-3 fatty acid supplements will be of utmost help.

2. Biotin/ Vitamin H/ Vitamin B7

Biotin/ Vitamin H/ Vitamin B7

Biotin, Vitamin H, Vitamin B7

Food Sources: Yeast like in breads, raw egg yolk, cauliflower, liver, peanuts, avocado, pork, raspberries and as was already mentioned, salmon.

Now, don’t get confused. Biotin may have a lot of names but it does the trick. Actually the H in vitamin H comes from the German word Haar und Haut which literally means hair. Now doesn’t that say a lot about how effective Biotin is on your lashes?

Do you know how often eyelashes grow? Vitamin H, also known as Biotin, is included in the family of B complex vitamins. B complex vitamins are often found in hair products because of its ability to strengthen hair. Vitamin H keeps the nails and the hair on your body healthy. foods to help your eyelashes grow thicker and also lengthens lashes.

This is because hair is made of keratin which is a cellular protein. Vitamin H also aids in absorbing amino acids and carbohydrates which lead to stronger and healthier lashes. The University of Maryland Medical Center has issued a statement stating that a lack of vitamin H in the diet usually leads to hair thinning or splitting.

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3. Iron

Food Sources: Liver, spinach, oysters, beans, red meat, egg yolks, prunes, raisings, turkey, artichokes, clams, scallops and also iron fortified grains and cereals.

Iron not only gives you a very pretty and healthy glow but it also works extremely well at keeping your lashes strong. It reduces the risk of brittle lashes which means it reduces the chance of eyelash loss. It also stimulates the growth of new and healthy eyelash hair.

4. Folic Acid

Folic Acid

Folic Acid

Food Sources: Milk, whole grain cereal, peanuts and legumes.

How to strengthen eyelashes naturally? Folic acids are a big help when it comes to eyelash loss. The proper amount of folic acids in your system will strengthen your hair follicle and reduce the chance of brittle and thinning eyelashes. It is also responsible for the nice and dark melanin color of your lashes.

5. Vitamin B

Food Sources: Egg yolk, yeast, vegetables and organ meats.

Vitamin B is a big and helpful family of vitamins but of all of them Vitamin B6 is just a stand out. Vitamin B6 has been found to assist in hair regrowth. It also avoids the possibility of hair loss.

You must know what helps strengthen eyelashes? It supports the metabolism of keratin, a protein in the body that helps in achieving healthy hair. Vitamin B6 wipes out the worry of dry and brittle lashes.

When lashes are dry and brittle, they are not able to fully grow since they usually break off before you can achieve your desired length.

Vitamin B6 also avoids the thinning of eyelashes and even helps in the production of melanin. Melanin is responsible for the healthy dark color on your eyelashes making them look full, lush and voluminous.

Do These Proteins Really Make Eyelashes Grow?

Not only do these vitamins aid in the growth of new but they take care of and maintain hair already existing on your lashes. These vitamins keep them from becoming dry and brittle. When hair becomes dry and brittle they break off and they are not able to grow.

This results in hair loss. By maintaining a healthy intake of these vitamins your hair will continue to look long, lush and healthy and at the same time protect your eyes from harmful outside entities.

Are There Any Side Effects

The great thing about the food and proteins discussed here is the fact that they are all-natural and they are great for you! Of course, given that you don’t overdo it with the intake, you are bound to get the healthy and lush lashes you’ve always wanted.

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Although some people neglect to put into consideration eyelashes because of how small of a body part it is, eyelashes are very important to the body. Eyelashes offer protection to the eyes from dust and other impurities.

Hence, it is of extreme importance to keep your eyelashes healthy and long by eating the right food for eyelashes and supplements to strengthen it.

Most of the food mentioned in this article can be found at any whole foods store or even at your local grocery store. Vitamin supplements can also be bought at any supplement shop near you.

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