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Eyelash Tinting

For decades, thick and natural long eyelashes have been considered a symbol of femininity and beauty, and that has not changed until now. Everyone is born with a different set of eyelashes; some are blessed with gorgeous, dark and full eyelashes while others are stuck with almost invisible, short and straight lashes.

What Is Eyelash Tinting Process to Do?
Eyelash Tinting Process

This creates a world of a difference since long lashes make your eyes pop and brighten up the face while short lashes do absolutely nothing for you. But with the technology we have lying around nowadays; people have adapted and found different techniques to cure dull eye lashes.

One of these many techniques is the eyelash tinting process. A lot of women, even men (they compose 30% of those who get this done) occasionally, resort to this quick and simple remedy.

Eyelash Tint can be applied by visiting a local salon that specializes in eyelash dyeing and having an esthetician do it for you. This eyelash tinting procedure is quick (around 10 minutes), and before you know it, you’re out the door looking and feeling brand new.

What Is Function of Eyelash Tint?

The main function of eyelash dyeing is simply to add a little bit of oomph to your lashes. Dark, full and thick lashes can make all the difference to your look.

It can give off a youthful and healthy glow. Tinting your lashes also saves you some time in the morning. Who has the time to put on full on eye makeup every day? Having your lashes tinted has you looking gorgeous at any time of the day! Who says you can’t look fabulous at the gym or at the grocery store? They surely haven’t heard of eyelash dyeing.

Time Duration to wear Eyelash Tint?

These tints usually last four to eight weeks. However, you can get the most out of your eyelash tint by knowing how to take care of it properly. Avoid applying any oil-based products (lash cleanser, moisturizers, and the like) because these dissolve the tint in your eyelashes very quickly.

Things to consider before Eyelash Tint?

Even if it may seem like a normal 10 minute procedure, there are certain things to consider before having your eyelashes dyed.

The first consideration would be whether or not to get an esthetician to do it for you or if you could just save your 40 dollars and do it yourself at home. The answer to this question would be the former. Having a professional do it will lessen the risk of you accidentally placing the dye inside your eye. Dermatologist, Jeannette Graf, MD has said that as long as it is done by a highly skilled and licensed professional, then it will be fine. Always remember that the eye area is extremely sensitive. One must always be cautious in dealing with this part of the body we have to bring out the good anti-wrinkle or aging Lilyana Naturals Eye Cream.

The second, and extremely important, thing to consider is the product or dye to be used on your eyelashes. It is always smart to call your salon ahead of time to ask if the product they are using is safe. In order to assure this, you can even ask that they give you a patch test of the dye 24 to 48 hours before your scheduled appointment to ensure that you will not have an unfavorable reaction to the dye.

This step is very important, considering the fact that 6% of the population is allergic to permanent dyes and still have allergic reactions after many successful applications. [1]

The last consideration would be the fact that there are no FDA approved eyelash dyes. Although, most salons will tell you upfront that their dye is vegetable-based, this does not mean that chemicals are not found in the dye.

Most doctors are wary of the possible side effects to having a very sensitive area, like the eye area, be exposed to chemicals such as those in permanent dyes. This could lead to inflammation and infection of the eyes.

What are the Benefits of Eyelash Tint?

The main benefit of eyelash tint is that you get beautiful, voluminous and thick looking eyelashes by just going to a salon for 10 to 20 minutes and having this procedure done. You look young, glowing and vibrant all because of a small change that you decided to make that only cost you so little time.

Is it Safe for Use?

Generally, eyelash tints and eyelash dyeing are safe for use, and a lot of women (and men) enjoy the benefits of them without having had one negative reaction to the dye. [2]

However, this does not mean that it is a certified 100% safe procedure, since there have been instances when the procedure has had adverse effects. The general advice would be to proceed with caution, taking the necessary steps before having this simple procedure done.

Always remember to ask about the products used, ask them to perform a patch test and to never consider doing it yourself (always have an experienced professional apply the eyelash dye) to ensure that there will be no negative effects, and to make certain that you can fully enjoy the amazing benefits of having gorgeous, natural and healthy looking lashes.

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