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What is Eyelash Glue?

Eyelash glue is an adhesive that is normally used to attach and stick false eyelashes to the face. Usually, eyelashes come with their own prepackaged eyelash glue but it is more advisable to have your personal eyelash glue that you already patch tested on your skin.

What Is Eyelash Glue? Know Its Types & How To Use Eyelash Glue?
Eyelash Glue

This reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction to eyelash glue. Aside from this, eyelash adhesives are also ideal to use when gluing anything to the body for any costume purposes. You can glue stuff to your body or maybe sequins to your face.

Since it is safe enough to use on a sensitive area such as the eye region, then it is safe to say that you can use this in other body parts.

How Eyelash Glue Works?

You can safely use an eyelash adhesive by just dabbing some on your clean fingertips. You can also dot portions of the eyelash glue unto your false eyelashes and then spread the adhesive using a toothpick so you don’t have to come in contact with the sensitive eyelash glue. [1]

What Are The Types of Eyelash Glue Adhesive?

Eyelash adhesives are categorized in different ways. One category would be the type of material used on the adhesive, another category would be whether it is waterproof or not and the last category is whether the adhesive is clear or tinted. We can start with the different materials used in making eyelash adhesives.

1. Liquid Eyelash Glues:

They come in a liquid form. This type of eyelash adhesive is more permanent and you need an eyelash glue remover just to remove it.

2. Latex Eyelash Glues:

These are the most common eyelash adhesive in this category. They are perfect for sticking fake eyelashes in since they do not dry immediately. This type of eyelash adhesive gives you a bit of time to dry your lashes before sticking them in. This type of adhesive can be removed easily. The only negative to this adhesive is the fact that people who are allergic to rubber cannot use it.

3. Cream Eyelash Glues:

This is the trickiest of all the eyelash glues in this category. Skillful application is a must in this adhesive; otherwise you will end up with lumpy and unnatural lashes.

Another category of eyelash glues are waterproof or non waterproof eyelash glue. Waterproof eyelash adhesives are tricky because on one hand they provide you with a maximum hold on your eyelashes. They will not come off easily. The problem is they are extremely stubborn and hard to remove. [2]

What are the Differences Between Clear and Dark Adhesive?

This is the last category of eyelash adhesives. You have the choice of getting a clear finish on your eyelashes or you could get an eyelash adhesive that is perfectly suited to the color of your lashes. This gives off the effect of thicker lashes and a more mysterious look.

In this case, the main consideration would be whether or not you are already highly skilled in putting on eyelash glue or if you’re a beginner. If you’re a beginner then the clear eyelash adhesive should be the one for you. That way if you every make any mistakes it won’t be obvious since the glue dries into a clear film.

Is it Safe to Use Eyelash Glue?

is eyelash glue safe to use

Is Eyelash Glue Safe to Use?

The best way to answer this question is to apply precautionary measures when choosing an eyelash adhesive. It is best to apply a patch test first so that you may be able to tell whether or not you are allergic to the eyelash glue of your choosing.

To do this, you only need to take a dot of the eyelash glue you are testing and apply it to a patch of your skin preferably on your arms. If the spot shows any adverse effects such as redness or itching then it is best not to use that eyelash glue at all.

Is there any alternative way to make your eyelashes grow thicker than using false eyelashes with the glue?

If all you want is to grow eye lashes that are naturally long and lush eyelash enhancers could be an option. Eyelash enhancers are products that are readily available in department stores.

They usually come in small bottles and they come in cream or serum form. These products have components and vitamins that keep the eyelashes healthy. Pro-vitamin B5 and humectants are examples of these components.

Dr. David Colbert, a dermatologist with a practice in the Flatiron district has been quoted to say that “It’s really about conditioning and giving the lash T.L.C.,” Dr. Colbert said. “If you moisturize anything, it’s going to look better.”

Final Verdict

If you’re interested in having long, lush and voluminous lashes without exposing yourself to the risk of an allergic reaction to the eyelash glue used, then eyelash enhancers are perfect for you. You only need to apply them twice a day and results will start to show in two to three months. With so many options to choose from, you just can’t go wrong!

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