Eyelash Enhancing* Treatments


If you want something more lasting than mascara, don’t want to hassle with false eyelashes, and want to avoid the expense of eyelash extensions, then an eyelash enhancing* treatment might be right for you. The market for eyelash enhancing* formulas has exploded over the last several years, and contains hundreds of different products ranging in price from around $20 to nearly $200. Some of the most popular products include:

    Eyelash Enhancing* Treatments
  • Nutraluxelash MD contains bio-peptides to revive brittle lashes, vitamin E to protect hair from external stresses, ginseng to repair damage, chamomile to soothe, vitamin C as a protective antioxidant, vitamin A to support follicle function, and a compound called Methylamido Dihydro Noralfoprostal to stimulate the follicles.
  • Essential Lash contains a compound called AHK Copper Peptide Complex, which is a patented blend of copper and amino acids that provides nutrients to strengthen, hydrate, protect, lengthen, and thicken lashes. It also contains panthenol, a common conditioning agent found in lash enhancers.
  • Lashfood Contains biotin to provide essential nutrients, arginine to deliver natural amino acids, and Iris extract to stimulate the growth of healthier eyelashes.
  • LiLash Purified Eyelash Stimulator contains Prunus Amygdalus seed extract, which is a glyco-peptide found in sweet almonds that works to naturally restructure hair fibers while protecting them from external factors. Lupinus albus seed, or White Lupine, extract may delay hair loss and stimulate re-growth.
  • Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel contains nettle to stimulate growth, horse chestnut extract for strengthening and improved* circulation, allantoin to hydrate, soy lecithin to deliver active ingredients, witch hazel to soothe, St. John’s Wort to calm, and apple extract to soften and refresh.
  • Marini Lash contains a proprietary peptide complex, panthenol, horse chestnut, vitamin B-12 to nourish lashes, and copper.
  • MD Lash Factor contains a nutritional complex to stimulate lash follicles. It also includes thiotane, which is an amino acid that protects against environmental stresses as well as the effects of aging. It uses panthenol as a conditioner.
  • Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For contains a patent pending PTR Lash Complex that contains Actiglide to moisturize, vitamins A, C, and E to nourish and protect, and pro-Vitamin B to help repair while moisturizing lashes.
  • neuLash combines bioengineered copper peptides that help strengthen lashes and stimulate growth, a fatty acid extract to boost* cell renewal, a binding ingredient that increases* shine, biotin to fortify, panthenol, pantethine to soothe and hydrate, hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans to improve* elasticity, comfrey extract to soften, pumpkin seed extract to nourish, and licorice to protect against irritation.
  • Multipleye Natural Lash Enhancer is a natural formula manufactured by tarte cosmetics. It uses cellulose, a natural plant thickening extract, soy protein to nourish and strengthen, vitamin C to protect, and pure water to moisturize lashes.
  • StimuLash Fusion Intensive Night Conditioning Lash Enhancer is a relatively new product that contains peptides to nourish, amino acids and botanical extracts to hydrate and stimulate lashes, and vitamins A, C, and E to refresh and protect the skin around your eyes.
  • Latisse is a prescription formula. It is the first and only FDA-approved eyelash enhancing* treatment. The active ingredient is something called bimatoprost, and the way in which it works is not really understood, but it is thought to increase* the number of hairs and the duration of eyelash growth periods. You will want to discuss your specific needs and any underlying ocular conditions you may have with your doctor. You may want to ask about the possible side effects of using LATISSE.

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