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Eyelash Curler – How to Use an Eyelash Curler?

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Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers for most women are a god-send. They make the eyes pop out and they brighten the face by simply curling a few strands of hair. Curling your eye lashes in the morning before putting your mascara on only takes up around 10 to 30 seconds of your time but it makes so much more of a difference to your over all look. Your eyes become the center of the attention and you end up looking well-rested and lovely even if you just pulled an all-nighter at the office.

What is Eyelash Curler?

If you have yet to see one (which is close to impossible) an eyelash curler is basically a mechanical device, that kind of looks like medical scissors, that has pads in it order that one can press her eyelash between these two pads in order to get that desired curled look.

This was patented by William McDonnell and Charles Stickel in 1931 under the name Kurlash (simple but effective). The design of the eyelash curler now is actually the same as at the time it was patented. Nowadays there are so many eyelash curler brands to choose from. You can even opt for an electric curler, which heats itself up; the reason why it has that option will be discussed later.

How to Use an Eyelash Curler?

How to Use an Eyelash

The first thing to remember when using an eyelash curler is to remove any bits of make-up from both your eyes and from the eyelash curler. This is so that bacteria will not spread and so that unnecessary allergies and infections can be avoided. The next step is optional, so women prefer to heat up their mascara.

Like that of a curling iron, a heated up eyelash curler offers a more dramatic and long lasting curl. Just make sure to touch the curler to test its heat before holding it up to your eye area, as this area is very sensitive. Then proceed to curl you lashes, carefully line your lashes with the curler placing it on the upper lashes just above the lash roots then, hold. Hold this for around 10 to 30 seconds.

Careful not to press too hard or to tug at you lashes as this could damage your lashes. Remember that the eyes must be half opened when curling the lashes. After curling it, apply mascara then you’re done!

Another option, when you’re going for a more natural look, is to just apply a little bit of petroleum jelly and stroking it unto the lashes, this makes the lashes look dewy. You can look great at the gym, at the beach or when running errands even with no trace of makeup on.

Eyelash Curler Options

There are different factors to be considered when choosing an eyelash curler such as, the shape of the eyelash curler and whether to get an electric curler or not. With regards to the first factor, everyone is born with a different shape of eyes. It is important to determine whether or not your lashes fit perfectly into the eyelash curler. If not, part of your lashes could be left out and your lashes will end up looking uneven.

The second consideration would be to get an electric curler or not, if you’re in a rush during mornings then this could be one for you. However if you’re in no particular rush then just manually heating the eyelash curler with a blow drier or dipping it in warm water will do the trick, also this will save you a couple of dollars.

Tips for Choosing an Eyelash Curler

Always look out for a good grip and a sturdy pad on your eyelash curler. The grip and pad on an eyelash curler could make or break it. The grip has to be firm enough to create a long lasting curl but at the same time it should not be too tight as to cause damage on your lashes.

It is always good to pick a good silicone pad that is not too thick or too thin. If the silicone pad is not of good quality, a clear line could show on your lashes which could make it look unnatural.

Eyelash Curler Care and Usage

As was already mentioned, remember to use the eyelash curler with a clean face on and always remember to disinfect the eyelash curler often so as to steer clear of unwanted infections. Also remember to change the pads every so often as this could be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Eyelash curlers are a great tool to always have around you. Even on days that you have to run simple errands, curling your lashes can be an instant pick me up when you’re not really in the mood to put on makeup. Curlers create an illusion of longer, fuller and thicker lashes and it even manages to make it look natural.

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