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1. Eyelid Infections:

Do you know How often do eyelashes fall out?Eyelid infections can cause eyelashes to fall out. An example of this would be blepharitis, which is characterized by the chronic and recurring inflammation of the eyelids.

Eyelashes Falling Out – What Are The Causes & Treatment?
Causes of Eyelashes Loss

2. Thyroid Condition:

Around 59 million Americans suffer from a condition in the eyelashes falling out thyroid. When a person suffers from hypothyroidism, their hair becomes dry and brittle which leads to breakage and hair loss.

3. Allergies To Mascara:

Allergies To Mascara

Allergies To Mascara

Although the use of mascara nowadays is extremely common, a lot of women still suffer from allergic reactions from these beauty products.

The chemicals in mascara can be so strong as to cause allergic reactions and in worse conditions, is it normal for eyelashes to fall out. It is always best to opt for a more organic mascara jam-packed with natural ingredients. But eyelashes falling out from mascara.

4. Chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy is known to have its positive and negative effects. It mainly targets cells that divide rapidly and because of this, cells that cause hair growth are also cancelled out in the process. Those going through chemotherapy can also wait it out until eyelashes treatment for growth. However, it may take 6 months to a year to have your hair in its previous state, according to Cancer Care.

5. Alopecia Areata:

This condition affects the way your body treatollicles. It attacks them causing your hair to fall out. Although this condition usually affects the scalp, some patients have complained of eyelash loss as well.

6. Blepharitis:

As was already mentioned, blepharitis as well as other eyelid infections can weaken the natural healthy state of your lashes and cause breakage.

7. Natural Eyelash Loss:

The natural life cycle of an eyelash is about three months before it falls out. Not to worry though, in just a couple of months your lashes will grow back. So it is pretty natural to have lashes fall out now and then. Just keep an eye out for excessive and unnatural eyelash loss.

How to Stop Eyelashes Falling Out?

1. By Removing Eye Makeup Regularly:

It is always important to take your makeup off before dozing off. I always remember that your lashes need a little bit of rest and relaxation as well. Sleeping with mascara on will only lead to more breakage. Before going to sleep, washing your face is not enough since most eye make-up is produced to be waterproof.

The important thing to note in eye make-up removal is that, there is no rush. There is no need to tug on the eyelashes in order to remove the mascara. Simply take a cotton ball and an eye makeup remover or, if you want something more organic, olive oil, then gently rub onto your lash area. Always remember to use different cotton balls per eye area to lessen the risk of spreading impurities.

2. By Stop Using Eyelash Curlers:

Stop Using Eyelash Curlers

Stop Using Eyelash Curlers

Unknowingly, women who use eyelash curlers will tug at their lashes when using their curler. Avoid using this as much as possible. Eyelash curlers not only damage your lashes by pressing and pulling them but also, eyelash curlers are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and this may cause an infection in your eyes.

3. By Avoiding Over Exposing Your Lashes To Sunlight:

Eyelashes are known to protect us from dust, sweat and even the sun’s harmful rays. However, your lashes can also suffer from the sun’s harsh rays and most importantly, radiation. Possibly using sunglasses when it is extremely hot out can be beneficial to your lashes.

4. By Avoiding Pulling Out Or Tugging On Your Eyelashes:

We tug at our eyelashes for different reasons. Some do this when putting on their makeup in the morning and then curling their lashes. Some people unwittingly do it during different times of the day when they rub their eyes. Tugging your eyelashes or constantly rubbing your eyes will result in a premature fall out of your eyelashes.

Natural Eyelashes Falling Out Remedies

Listed below are a couple of remedies that prevent and possibly treat eyelash hair loss.

1. Petroleum Jelly:

From chapped lips to smeared mascara, petroleum jelly seems to be a sort of cure-all. Petroleum jelly or white petroleum is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons used by consumers as a sort of topical ointment to cure everything of toenail fungus to diaper rash. It can also apparently be used to make your eyelashes fuller and longer.

2. Green Tea:

Known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, green tea is probably the oldest known health drink. In fact, a lot of centennials from Asia attribute their continued good health to their regular consumption of green tea. Green tea, as opposed to black tea, is not allowed to ferment and, therefore, retains much of the antioxidants and polyphenols that benefit us so greatly. To add to its many excellent properties, green tea has also been known to encourage re-growth of hair, even the ones on our eyelashes.

3. Olive Oil:

Olive oil is known for its moisturizing properties and endless health benefits. It is extracted from the olive fruit by either pressing or squeezing it out of them. This oil has been thought to help slow down the development of some cancers and even heart disease. Rich in vitamins E & K, chlorophyll and carotenoids it is quite potent as an antioxidant.

Mediterranean women have been reaping the benefits of this oil for centuries. Luckily, this benefit also extends to shorter hairs like our eyelashes.

4. Eyelash Enhancers:

If you are looking for a faster and more assured way to help the re-growth of your lashes, then eyelash enhancers could just be the thing for you. These products are manufactured for the main purpose of helping your lashes grow back. Just remember to do the proper research and tests before putting it on to make sure that no negative side effects will fall upon you.

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