Signs of Aging Around Eyes: Are you Aware of

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Published: Sep 23, 2013 | Last Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Signs of Aging around Eyes

What are 7 Signs and Symptoms of Skin Aging?

Signs Of Aging Around Eyes

Here are the seven Signs of Aging Around Eyes:

Wrinkles and Fine Lines: The formation of wrinkles and fine lines are the most commonly known sign of aging. For most people, when they start to get wrinkles, they tend to panic. This is because these lines start to appear around the eye area, the region in our face where the skin is thinnest and is, therefore, more vulnerable to any symptoms and not to mention easy to see. The truth about the signs of aging skin is, wrinkles are just at the tip of the iceberg.

Dry Skin: Dry skin is usually associated with the lack of hydration and moisture in the skin. It is also better known for being one of the three common skin types the other two being oily and normal. The skin around the eyes is prone to getting dry because it does not contain as much oil glands to supply it with moisture and hydration.

Dull Skin: A person is said to have dull skin when the “natural glow” of the skin is lost and clog the pores and cause the skin to lose its vibrancy and brightness. In the eye area, this manifests in shadows under the eyes, where the skin might not necessarily be dark, but due to the build-up of dead skin and dirt takes away the natural glow. The dull skin around the eyes makes us appear tired and exhausted, even during the days when we are not.

Dark Spots: Dark spots are discolorations around the skin usually caused by allergies and acne. When it comes to dark spots around the eyes, make sure to be careful about the product you apply to treat the spots. Some creams that claim to be effective might be harmful to the skin.

Dark Spots Shown

Open Pores: As the skin ages, the skin tends to get less elastic, which means that pores are less likely to maintain its tightness, giving the appearance of “open pores”. This actually looks quite unattractive, especially if it occurs around the eyes. Having open pores around the eyes is a very telling sign of skin that is not only aging but is also unhealthy. Suffering from this symptom is also one of the reasons why pore minimizing toners and moisturizers are so popular.

Sagging Skin: The skin around the eyes tends to sag as we age. This is because our skin naturally loses its elasticity and firmness as the years go by. As we get older, our habits of rubbing and tugging the eye area will catch up and manifest in sagging skin around the eyes.

Patchy Skin: Aging skin tends to manifest patchiness, a situation wherein the skin tone of the skin becomes uneven because of hormonal changes that increase and/or decreases the melanin deposit in the skin. This particular symptom sounds kind of complicated, but it is actually quite common and tends to happen gradually. Again, much like the other signs of aging, signs of patchiness might occur starting at the eye area because it is very delicate.

Please note that these signs do not necessarily follow an order in which they appear sometimes a person can get a combination of these symptoms at one time. Take as many precautionary measures that you can while you’re young like living a healthy lifestyle and making sure to use the proper eye cream to prevent these signs from showing up too soon on your face. Take a look at Wolfberry Eye Cream Review, as this cream might help to prevent signs of aging.

Can Coffee Fight Signs of Aging?

Coffee Fight Signs of Aging

For the hours that coffee keeps us alive and running in an effort to stay alive and awake through many busy nights, many are surprised to find out that coffee can actually help fight signs of skin aging. The caffeine in the coffee helps flush out the toxins and free radicals that accumulate in the skin around the eyes as well as the rest of the body, which tend to cause dullness in the skin and aggravate the other signs of aging.

How to Fix the Worst Signs of Aging?

As what most skin specialists and dermatologists will tell you, none of us is exempt from aging all we can do is hope that our skin ages gracefully so that even in our later years, we will still look glowing. Taking preventive measures and making sure to start taking care of our skin at an early age can do this.

As previously mentioned, the symptoms of skin aging usually start to occur in the eye area, where the skin is delicate and sensitive. Apart from the natural course of nature, habits such as not getting enough sleep, not drinking enough water and not eating the right kind of food contribute to the speeding up of the aging process of the skin. The best thing to do really is to be proactive about skin care get started even before symptoms start to show on your face. This way, you won’t be panicking later on as you get older and the signs of aging around eyes will also be combated. Prevent the signs of aging with the help of Plexaderm Review which is a topical eye cream used to treat the skin problem occurs around the eyes.

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