UV Rays and Your Eyes: Facts And Figures

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Here’s a presenting a shocker; prolonged sun exposure can damage your eyes and lead to blindness. Though UV rays aren’t picky, this hurts almost everyone regardless of the gender or age.

Exposure to Sun Rays does have negative impacts on your eyes. This is a major issue, but the concern regarding it is left out by most of us. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are harmful to your eyes. Around 94% of people all over the Globe are unaware about the harmful effects of sun rays from their eyes.

Effects of UV Rays on Your Eyes

According to recent survey, over 202 million Americans over the age of 40 are affected with cataract. Remember that the eyes are exposed to UV rays whole year round.
Our eyes are the only internal tissue of our body that is exposed to sunlight. Nearly 40% of the rays get into our eyes when we’re not directly exposed to sunlight.
Around 94% of people are affected with premature aging signs near the eye regions. This is also caused by exposure to intense sun rays that make your skin dry. This affects the skin texture and makes it more prone to get wrinkles and fine lines.

Around 5-10% of skin cancer affects the eyelids.

Protect* Your Eye from Sun Rays

Wearing sun protective glasses or even glasses with clear lens are helpful to protect* your eyes. This prevents the potent effects of the harmful UV rays on your eyes.

Talk to your eye care professional; get a yearly checkup done for your eyes. Early detection will prevent or treat* the eye diseases.

So don’t delay and have a look at the following infographics:

UV Rays and Your Eyes

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