Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Eye Cream

Common mistakes when applying eye cream

The main reasons why people apply makeup are to look them more attractive and younger. Unfortunately, not everyone is a professional and mistakes do happen specifically when applying eye cream. According to Jeannette Graf, clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in NY, you should use your fourth finger as the best way to apply an eye cream.

Graf argues that you only require a light pressure starting with the inner side of your eyebrows and moving on to the entire surface surrounding your eyes. This is because you need to cover the crow’s feet that come with aging specifically which occurs on the upper eyebrow, on the sides, and under your eyes. Your main focus should be under the eye that usually becomes loose or wrinkled and thus has to be kept firm as much as possible.

Graf says that this can help eliminate* the under eye bags, darkness and wrinkles, which strike at an early age yet majority simply ignores them. If you have not been doing these eye cream treatments in the right way, here are some of the problems you should avoid.

Keep on reading and discover the secrets of applying eye cream, among other interesting pieces of information. You will finally be able to stop wondering how to apply eye cream, which is quite exciting.

1. Use of Powder to Eliminate* Shine

Use Of Powder To Eliminate* Shine

This may seem harmless, but it could be the main reason you look tired or worn out. In addition, the regular use of a sunscreen to protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun is crucial to the maintenance of a younger skin especially on the areas around your eyes. Most people fail to use a sunscreen around their eyes unaware that it requires the same treatment as other skin surfaces on their face.

Most celebrity makeup artist usually focuses on areas that people make mistakes that make people older and look for means to prevent them from hiding their natural radiance.

2. Light Use of Concealer

The use of a concealer is a great and instant way to hide wrinkles, fine lines or skin blemishes like undereye dark circles. However, if you use the wrong color, you can instantly make your face look older. Applying an under eye concealer that is too light can give you an outdated appearance. Your focus should be to brighten instead of lightning. Thus, you should apply an eye cream that isn’t too heavy as a concealer but one that provides a more wakeful and recharged appearance. Ensure that the concealer you use matches your skin color and gives a natural look.

3. Excess Use of Powder

Although the use of powder can be beneficial in setting your makeup, eliminating shine and contouring, excess use throughout the day will settle on your fine lines and amplify wrinkles. Skin experts suggest that you should go for true oil control by using a balancing moisturizer or an oil-free foundation to hide your skin’s imperfections. In addition, ensure that you always have with you blotting papers that can instantly eliminate* shine without necessarily having to use more makeup. With blot papers, you will conveniently manage oil without disturbing makeup or clog your skin with other products.

4. Skipping Primer and Creamy Cosmetics

Failure to use a primer is another great way you are making yourself older with makeup. The best thing about the use of a primer is that it reduces* imperfections, especially for mature skin to give smooth canvas for your foundation. With age, the skins of women, especially on the neck and face, become dry resulting in loss of radiance. To look young, try switching out drying powders with creamy foundation or combine powder blush with cream blush.

5. Making Harsh Lines

Making Harsh Lines

You must be aware that eyeliner can make your eyes brighter and more awake. However, if you apply too dark, harsh lines, they can make your wrinkles and fine lines more conspicuous. To prevent this, always ensure that you blotch it out rather than creating a solid line. Alternatively, keep it mostly on your top for your eyes to look more defined to give a fresher and younger look.

6. Severe Eyebrows

Although not everyone is born with full eyebrows that are perfectly aligned, if you have thin eyebrows and use a dark pencil to improve* their appearance, the results could be underserved. Although you can make your eyebrows thicker with a pencil, you should ensure that you use the perfect shade. In case you chose to use a pencil, select one shade lighter than the color of your hair if you are brunette and one shade lighter if redhead or blonde. Still, you can enhance* your appearance by using eyebrow powders without creating harsh lines.


Although experts agree that eyeliner and eye creams can improve* your pout, one of the most common mistakes that most people make is using an eye cream that is the same shade as their lipstick. If applied in the right way, an eye cream will not only give you a youthful glow but also take years away from your face.

When it comes to applying eye cream, you should definitely avoid the mistakes presented in this article. Learn how to apply eye cream and you will look amazing all the time – in fact, everyone will ask you about your secrets, envying your appearance.

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