Can Pregnancy Cause Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Pregnancy causes hormonal change, weight gain, and other factors disrupts the sleep cycle, poor blood and oxygen circulation causes hyperpigmentation.
Q: I’m five months pregnant with my first baby and having dark circles under eyes and eyelid? Day by day, I have a complete slumber yet I am worried about these dark circles. How can I get rid of dark spots under eyes during pregnancy?
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Pregnancy and the hormonal changes that come with it can cause dark circles around your eyes to appear. Hormonal changes, pregnancy weight gain and poor digestion all contribute in disrupting your regular healthy blood and oxygen circulation, causes hyperpigmentation on the very thin skin surrounding your eyes, and makes the skin on the rest of your body generally paler. This is the reason dark circles become highly contrasted with the rest of your skin and thus darker and more visible when you’re pregnant.

Can Pregnancy Cause Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Even if you’ve been getting enough sleep, your body is supporting two bodies – yours and your baby. As your body processes run on overdrive mode, it can cause overall exhaustion and possibly deficiency in many essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamins A, B, C, iron, and folic acid that play key roles in regulating the growth and development of your little one. These same nutrients have special functions in the skin cell repair and rejuvenation, and if you are suffering from nutrient deficiency, chances are your skin processes may not be functioning at an optimum level.

Ask your physician about vitamin and mineral supplementation during pregnancy to support both your baby’s growth and development and your health and well-being. You can also use an eye cream which will be a safe and effective way to reduce dark circles under your eye. Watch out for Vivexin eye cream which targets the dark circles under the eyes as well as seemingly permanent wrinkles and creases.

Tips to Lighten Dark Circles During Pregnancy

Because you’re pregnant, it’s best to go for natural remedies to improve the dark circles in pregnancy while ensuring that beauty products do not harm your baby’s normal growth and development.

  • Drink Plenty of Water: Improve your digestion and prevent pregnancy-related constipation by drinking plenty of water. Doing so not only helps your skin well hydrated throughout your pregnancy but also supports normal blood and oxygen circulation to make sure that nutrients reach areas where they’re needed, including your skin.
  • Sleep Well: Find activities to do that help relax your mind and body a few hours before your bedtime. Soak in a warm, fragrant bath, read a good book or get a soothing foot massage. Pregnancy can make you feel tired quite often. Feel free to take a nap whenever you feel like it, especially at mid-morning and noon time. Recharge and keep preparing your body for the big day when you finally get to hold your baby in your arms. Skin repair and rejuvenation processes happen while you’re asleep so make sure you’re giving your tired eyes and body a lot of rest to facilitate this process for a youthful, glowing skin even while you’re pregnant.
  • Apply Cold Compress: Soak a towel in cold water and apply on your eyes. For extra pampering, cut two slices of lemon or cucumber, put the slices in the freezer for about 15 minutes then, place on top of each eye to soothe those tired eyes. Cold slices of cucumber or lemon help constrict worn out nerves around your eyes and relax the bulging of your eye bags. Cucumber and lemon also contain powerful antioxidants that aid skin cell repair and protect the skin from the cell-damaging effects of free radicals. These fruits also have natural astringent properties that not only help cleanse the skin around your eyes but also helps lighten those dark circles.
  • Put a Green Tea Bag on Each Eye: Get two bags of green tea and damp with clean water, and they will help to dark circles in pregnancy. You may want to put them in the freezer for a few minutes before placing them on each eye. Green tea is a great natural cleanser and organic anti-inflammatory treat for your skin. Green tea contains tannin that is a powerful antioxidant. Skip this tip if you have a history of allergy.
  • Exercise Regularly: Who said you can’t move around too much when you’re pregnant? In fact, getting ample amount of exercise and moving a lot will benefit you and your baby. Exercise promotes good circulation of blood and oxygen, ensuring that essential nutrients are distributed all over your body and reaches the growing little one in your tummy. Regular physical activity during pregnancy will help ease your eventual labor and delivery pains. It stretches your muscles that are strained more and more by your and your baby’s increasing weight. It also helps you make up for sleepless nights of having to frequent the toilet and raid the fridge when you’re hungry. Exercising helps give you a deep, relaxing sleep and much-needed rest. Not to mention, regular exercising while you’re pregnant also helps keep off those unnecessary pounds. Make sure to consult with your OB-GYN to know what types of exercises are appropriate for you before you try anything new. Plexaderm review; which is an eye cream that can assist you to reduce the wrinkles, dark circles, and aging signs, etc.

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In the majority of cases, eye bags and dark spots under eyes during pregnancy pose no particular health problem but, it’s still best to consult with your physician especially because you want to give yourself and your baby the best possible care.

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