Cat Eye Makeup: 6 Easy Tricks For Every Girl

Cat Eye Makeup

It’s believed that wearing cat’s eyes can shield you from mishaps that happen in life. These include diseases and mysterious dangers that can occur to anyone at any time. If you think cat eyes will run out of time, you must be wrong. It is like saying that red lips will fade anytime soon in the future.

The good thing with cat eyes style is that you can still find some fun with the eyeliner whenever you want. It is the best way to reshape your eyes without having to go under the knife in search of bigger looking eyes with eyeliner. Keep on reading and discover more interesting information on the cat eye makeup.

1. Serene

If you prefer mild cat eye’s look, you simply need to draw three dots diagonally upward starting from the edge of the outer corners and merging them with liner. This will help your eyes look bigger in case they are small by smudging them with a smoky wraparound to elongate them. To do this, you can use your favorite liquid gel, marker eyeliner or pencil.

According to Taylor Chang-Babian, a makeup expert and the author of “Style Eyes,” if you are afraid of creating a straight line, you can do it better by smudging. You shouldn’t focus on creating a straight line but rather go back and forth with your brush until the line becomes smooth.

2. Brightened


Sometimes it may appear as if you didn’t have adequate sleep once you wake up in the morning. According to Chang-Babian, wearing a beige-colored eyeliner can help counteract red eyes and make them look larger. To apply, use your index finger and gently pull down your lower lid in order to expose the inner rim.

Then go over your waterline with your pencil but be cautious enough to avoid poking your eyes. The darkness allows you to change the shape of your eyes, according to Chan-Babian.

3. Colored Bottom Liner

Even if you don’t have the time or steady hands, you can easily wear eyeliner using a long-wear eyeliner pencil in a bright color that you prefer. The good thing about long-wear eyeliners is that they help you to control the sharpness of the tip, which avoids making a straight edge. However, most of the long-wear pencils only give matte color that lasts for hours, unlike kohl pencils.

To apply, use short strokes only on your lower lash line starting from the inner to outer corners. In order to give a more impressive look, use an eyeshadow that is almost the same color to your upper lids, but make it two shades brighter. You can break up the bright color by making a thin black line on your upper lash line using mascara.

4. Natural Clarity

Natural Clarity

Unlike the lower rim, your upper rim doesn’t always get much attention although you shouldn’t ignore it if you want to get a more natural definition. To intensify your lash line, apply a black eyeliner on your upper rim to achieve a natural-looking definition that is devoid of the hard edge of a liner.

To do this, you should simply lift your upper lid in front of a mirror and use short strokes to apply the black eyeliner pencil.

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5. Blotched Wraparound

Getting the smoky eye could be simpler than you thought. You can simply get it with the help of a flat angled brush and a black kohl pencil. Simply scribble a line on your upper lash line starting from the inner to outer corners using a pencil. For immediate definition, don’t forget to line your lower inner rim too.

Proceed and draw a line on your lower lash line until the two lines are connected at the outer edge. Then blotch the lines around your eyes with the help of your flat angled brush until your smokiness is achieved. According to Chang-Babian, not unless you smudge, you will end up having a hard line that can look disgusting.

6. Winged Edge

Eyeliner can never look versatile without a winged edge. This can be achieved using a smudge-proof gel or cream. A gel is better than a liquid liner because it gives a more reflective look, according to Chan-Babian. Apply using an angled or pointed brush starting from the inner side moving to the outer edges of your upper lash line. This should be done depending on the shape of your eyes.

Experts recommend that you should start by drawing the winged tip with eyeshadow. This is because you can easily erase in case you mess up. In addition, ensure the wings are straight by holding a business card as a ruler against the outer corner of your eye.

7. Cat eye vs. winged eyeliner

You might not be aware of this for a fact but there are differences between a cat eye and the winged eyeliner style. The cat eye makeup is based on the application of generous eyeliner on both eyelids, while the winged style concerns only the upper eyelid. The latter is meant to accentuate the upper eyelid, creating a beautiful contrast with the inferior one. The cat eye has a straight line, which extends from the outer corner, while the winged style has a line that goes upward.


Wearing cat eyes is indeed easy than you had previously thought. You will no longer have to be mindful of the size and shape of your eyes because you can always make them look amazing. It may tricky to get cat eyes at first, but your proficiency increases* with experience. As you have seen, the cat eye makeup is one of the best ways to ensure an amazing look, regardless of the occasion.

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