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To Overcome Your Stressful Days, Try These Mantras To Release Stress

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We all have days when we want to disappear and maybe bury ourselves under the sheets until the frustration and pain go away. Sometimes life doesn’t go as we planned and it can be hard to move forward.

But there are certain things you can do to turn even your most stressful days around. Mantras are one of the most powerful ways to turn your negative mind into a more positive perceptive. Mantras are positive affirmations and words that help you feel good when you say them.

In my new book, The Self-Love Experiment, I share how mantras helped me overcome eating disorders, depression, and ultimately find self-love and peace.

Here are ten powerful mantras from my new book to help you fight off stress and return to peace and joy:

1. “Most Of Our Struggle In Life Comes From Resistance And Fighting Against What Is.”

The majority of our stress is caused because we refuse to accept situations as they present themselves. Life is happening and we can let it happen to us or see that it is happening for us.

When we let go of how we think things are supposed to look, we can relax into the realization that going with the flow is a much more peaceful way to live life.

2. “Self-Respect Means Coming From Your Power, Not Your Weakness.”

 Your Power Not Your Weakness

Taking care of yourself is a key part of managing stress. When you make the choice that make you feel good instead of doing what you think you have to do, you have more power and can relate to the world from a place of empowerment vs. weakness.

3. “Everything You Have Gone Through Is Part Of A Universal Assignment Your Soul Has Signed Up For.”

You may feel stuck and trapped by life circumstances, but the reality is, what you are experiencing is part of your own growth. We grow stronger through the struggles. Instead of seeing your stressful situations as painful, see them as opportunities for you to grow.

4. “Suffering Comes From Wishing Things Were Different.”

Pema Chordron says that we can control our suffering by letting go of expectations. When we focus on how we wish things were instead of accepting things as they are we suffer. To remove your emotional pain, let go of the suffering by accepting what is.

5. “All Of Our Personal Experiences Can Become Our Greatest Teachers For Optimal Growth. We Evolve According To Our Reaction To Each Experience.”

You will feel better instantly when you stop reacting and instead turn to compassion. When we react we are trying to solve problems from an emotional perspective, and emotion is not rational.

Instead of letting your emotions get the best of you, turn your attention to compassion and you will feel calmer.

6. “The Key To Getting Anything You Want Is Patience, Timing, And Trust.”

Part of your frustration could be because you want things to happen that aren’t yet. Going after what we want can be frustrating when we don’t see results.

But patience, timing, and trusting the process will help you move forward.

7. “When You Can Allow Yourself To Be Where You Are Instead Of Where You Think You Should Be Or Even Where You Want To Be, Freedom Prevails.”

Freedom Prevails

Most of our frustration is because we think things should be a different way than they actually are. Instead of resisting what is, accept it, cherish it, and appreciate it.

8. “Don’t Waste Time With Negative Thoughts.”

The more you focus on negativity, the more frustrated you will feel. I have a friend who wants more money, but he is always talking about how he doesn’t have enough money to do what he wants. This negative focus keeps him feeling stuck.
Instead, focus on the good and what is going well and you will see more positive results. I invited my friend to focus on what he could afford and what was going well in his life, and soon enough, he got a new job that paid him more. Abundance happened when he focused on the positive aspects of his life.

9. “When We Believe Our Insecurities Are Part Of Us, We Give In To Fear.”

The things about you that you dislike are not things that other people notice. We spend a lot of time focusing on what we dislike, but when we do this we are giving into fear. Instead, focus on your beautiful light and the characteristics you love about yourself.

10. “Worrying Is Like Asking For What You Don’t Want.”

Asking For What You Don’t Want

The more you worry, the more you project what you don’t want to happen. Worrying doesn’t do anything but cause us emotional stress. Turn your worry into compassion by repeating the mantra “All is as it should be; I am right where I need to be to get to where I want to go.”

These tips are from my new book, The Self-Love Experiment: Fifteen Principles for Becoming More Kind, Compassionate, and Accepting of Yourself.

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