Signs of Depression: What Are the Signs of Depression?


Have you been feeling frustrated with lots of sadness for a period exceeding two weeks? Do you feel your life has no meaning without a cause and finding it not worth living? You become more restless at work or your daily tasks become uninteresting. In some people it is difficult to tell if they are depressed since major signs do not manifest clearly. Some of these feelings could occur under normal circumstances. However, it is easy to notice something is wrong in the majority. Here is a combination of symptoms that could indicate you are depressed if you experience a couple of them simultaneously.

Signs of Depression

Signs of Depression
  • Loss of concentration: You find it hard giving full attention to your job and duties performed at ease tend to take longer than usual. Scholars can no longer understand or comprehend what is being taught however hard they try to concentrate.
  • Changed sleep patterns: You might find it hard to relax in bed until late hours while some people may tend to spend more time in the slumber than usual.
  • Fatigue: Your body becomes exhausted from carrying some minor tasks. You lack the drive to perform which is accelerated by loss of interest.
  • Pains: Even though normal to experience pain following a physical injury, some persistent headaches and unfounded pains on your body may indicate you suffer from depression.
  • Suicidal thoughts: In extreme cases of depression, some people may even attempt to kill themselves to escape from the stressing needs and emotions. This is as a result of self worthlessness and loss of purpose in life.
  • Change in appetite: You crave to have too much of junky meal just to keep your thoughts away from the suffering you are undergoing. Won’t this add more pounds to your weight? Sure it will. Some people lose* their appetite and only take a sample from their plates. This will lead to sudden weight loss*, the wrong way to keep fit.
  • Lost sex drive: This will exhibit clearly in men who will find it hard to have an erection. They are so much focused on the challenges they face however hard cuddling their partners try. Women too can also lack an urge for sex when suffering from depression.
  • Irritability: Maybe you are used to some forms of mockery and jokes either at home, school or at work. When you are depressed, you no longer take them lightly. I sneer from a workmate; friend or colleagues could trigger a very negative reaction. You become easily irritated even when it’s uncalled for.
  • Take more alcohol: Drinking too much than usual become a solace as you try to drown your worries. This is however for a while since nothing changes. You are prone to engage in reckless behaviors which could inflict harm to your body.
  • Poor performance: The overall outcome of depression is reduced* productivity. You face the sack at work due to decrease* in your output. Good grades will be a thing of the past if in school. You fail to fulfill the roles in marriage or courtship, hence divorce or separation looms.

Signs of Depression in Women

Women unlike men are more prone to depression; this could be attributed to their deep connections with their emotions. Due to fatigue and lack of energy, they lose* interests in carrying out their daily chores. Sadness and anxiety can’t go unnoticed. They passionately fall in to tears over simple issues with some seeking for more time in isolation than with their partners or family. You will easily notice change in their sleep patterns where they spend too much time asleep, though some suffers insomnia. In some women, food become resort to depression and constantly takes meals leading to weight gain. Others lose* appetite and end up skinny. They are haunted by feelings of guilt, worthlessness and lacks purpose in life. Suicidal thoughts can’t fade in their mind and in extreme cases some may even commit or attempt suicide.

Signs of Depression in Men

Men unlike women show less signs of depression. This is due to their diehard approach to challenges they face. To point it clearly, they wouldn’t like to appear more feminine in character however pressing situations could be. Depressed men enjoy spending more time in isolation. Men who drink over indulge and opt to engage in irresponsible behaviors such as casual-sex or risky sporting activities. Constant headaches and physical pains are indicators of depression in men. They may shift their anger to their partners and become more brutal at the slightest provocation. They may find it hard to have an erection during sex. I reference to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), depressed men are at a higher risk of committing suicide than women.

Signs of Depression in Teens

Mostly teens exhibit different symptoms of depression at schools and home. They withdraw from friends and family members preferring to stay alone. There are notable changes in sleeping and eating habits. Hobbies and sports previously enjoyed can no longer take away the sadness and hostility they wear on their faces. They easily become bitter and irritated spending much time crying or in low moods. At school, they find it hard to concentrate or get motivated, ending up performing poorly. Suicidal thoughts haunt them as well.

Signs of Depression in Kids

Kids enjoy being loved by everyone. Too much irritability and anger they express when neglected or unattended to could signal depression. Your kid looks tired, sad and hopeless and won’t smile from a giggle. They prefer to stay on their own and will cry when held by a grown up. Toys too won’t make a difference and will either eat less or too much. There is also sudden change in sleeping pattern.

Signs of Depression in Elders

Shying away from their physical appearance is a sign of depression in the elderly. Personal care becomes a bother to your grandpa, he no longer showers. Your mum may decline an invitation for a meal and instead wish to have it packed. She’s withdrawing socially, a sign she is depressed. Perhaps you used to make jokes with your dad but lately you notice he is irritable to the slightest ones; something is amiss. Depressed elders may complain of increased pains especially in their backs.

Warning Signs of Depression

A sudden loss of interest in what you previously enjoyed like hobbies and games could signal the onset of depression. Are you used to be woken up by an alarm? Do you find it hard to get out of that bed or the alarm snoozes? Feeling of exhaustion or too much sleep can indicate the start of depression. Changes in appetite leading to either weight loss* or gain means depression is taking toll of your healthy eating habits. When creeping in, depression brings you close to tears over small issues. You weep without a reason. You will start finding it hard concentrate or make decisions. Other warning signs of depression include suicidal thoughts, worry, restlessness and feelings of guilt.


If you notice the onset of depression at an early stage, you stand a better chance to prevent its occurrence. Don’t just eat those junky foods your mouth craves for. Ensure you take a well balanced meal for the normal functioning of your body. Exercising regularly ensures your body remains healthy throughout. Dr. Phil’s urges people who never exercised regularly to gradually embark on it after consulting with their physicians if they suffer any chronic illnesses. Go out and have fun. Mingling with different people while having fun will greatly reduce* depression. You should ensure you have adequate time for your body to relax.

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