Positive Outlook in Life against Depression


Loneliness is one of the emotions people have to deal with everyday. One should not take this feeling for granted because when negative emotions accumulate inside the system, depression may arise. People like to believe that sicknesses, anxieties and stress are just normal reactions of the body but repetitive onset of these emotions may be a symptom of clinical depression.

Throughout the world, an estimated number of 350 million individuals are suffering from depressions. Other studies alluded to the fact that one out of four women is fighting depressions while one out of ten men is a victim.

Changing What You Cannot Accept is Fighting Depression

Positive Outlook in Life

In order for you to survive depression, you should accept the fact that you are a victim. Stop thinking that there is nothing wrong with you. The only way to improve* your mental health is to seek the expertise of the doctors and counsel of your family in fighting depressions.

Some psychologists suggest that fighting depressions should involve exposure to activities that you always wanted to do but never tried just because you are afraid to fail. It may sound very cliché but trying is the only way to know. Find time to sit back, relax and forget about the things that bother you. Always keep in mind that every problem has its own solution.

Everyone is qualified to be depressed but not all people have the guts to fight this psychological disorder.

Ask yourself if you have the symptoms of depression such as:

  • loss of interest in many things
  • intermittent feeling of emptiness and despair
  • very low self esteem
  • inability to accept criticisms and failures
  • difficulty sleeping at night
  • lack of temper and patience even on simple things

The Art of Getting By:

Life will be meaningless if everything goes in accordance with your plans. Do not let problems overcome you. Follow the simple routines below if you want to cope up with depression to fully enjoy your life.

  • If you feel stress is about to consume you, take several deep breaths.
  • A good way to release stress from your system is to perform regular physical workouts.
  • Never deprive yourself of sufficient sleep even if you have deadlines to meet.
  • Eat balanced diet every day and avoid skipping meals.
  • Do not let stressful things consume you. Divert your attention on worthwhile activities and positive thoughts.
  • Accept criticisms and deal with them in such a way that they will improve* your personality.
  • Consult a doctor so that you can break away from stress and depression.
  • Moral support will help you a lot in your battle against clinical depressions.

Love what you do and do what you love. Always remember that you are not perfect and it is quite normal for you to fail several times because it is actually the path towards success. Learn to accept the things you cannot do. Do not feel bad even if you fail hundreds of times because in each unsuccessful attempt, you will gain lots of experiences. Live life to the fullest and keep in mind that there are people who are willing to share your burdens.

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Contributor : Joan Raynor (Consumer Health Digest)

Joan Raynor is a health researcher and expert writer specializing in mental health issues where she provides hope and support to persons with treatment-resistant depression and other chronic mood disorders.

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