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How To Hide Depression From Your Partner?

Is it Good to hide depression from From Your Partner? Read the expert opinion about how should handle depression and what are the effective ways to prevent it

Q: I have been battling with depression for few months. Things are going wrong and I feel worse and hopeless. I am afraid if my partner finds me depressed he will be less attracted to me and think that I am a loser. How can I hide my depression from him?

How To Hide Depression From Your Partner?

Expert Answer
Depression is like an unsolicited guest at a party, the bully at a classroom or the other woman in a relationship. Confronting these is devastating, frustrating, saddening and daunting. Just like in a married couple, depression has been unwanted. In just a short period of time, it can make a good thing turn upside down.

Depression can even break a relationship; it can make two spouses apart. Perhaps only one individual is diagnosed, but depression can put its impact on both spouses.

Because of the negativities that depression can bring into a marriage, some depressed individuals prefer to hide it with their partner. Of course, hiding the symptoms of depression is hard since both of you are always together and in the same house but some managed to do it. Being not accepted by their significant other is one of the top reasons why some try to hide depression.

Depression, according to experts, should not be kept as a secret to your partner since your loved one can essentially help you towards your recovery and improvement.

If you think that it would be a better idea to go about being really discreet about your condition with your partner, it is imperative to discover approaches to hide your depressive state.

Here are a few suggestions for attaining this without extremely exhausting yourself in the process.

  • Use your smile as a disguise. Everybody agrees that smiling makes one feel better, but with depressed individuals that is a load of idiocy. But, if you want your partner to stop being curious and asking questions about how you are truly feeling, a smile is an encouraging gesture that can put a stop to him/her
  • Make an Excuse. If your partner asks you about why you are being quiet, acting down or generally not intermingling lately, just utter “I do not feel so fine at present” and courteously excuse yourself from the situation
  • Seek a professional help. Do not face depression single-handedly; it is not possible and it will only develop into something much worse if you attempt to treat it all by yourself. Get a skilled psychiatrist and work throughout the problems progressively
  • Bear in mind that it gets easier as time goes by. In a matter of time, having the right treatment and your willingness to get treated, you can put an end mark with your depression soon. Hence, you would not hide your state anymore. Once you get back on track, becomes happier, healthier than hiding behind a mask is not needed anymore
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Certainly, hiding your depression is not a good idea after all, so if you are currently suffering from depression, share it with your partner right away because he/she is your greatest source of support, comfort, and assurance. Do not hide for a long time because everything will just become worse. Remember, if your partner truly loves you, he/she will never leave you and will be by your side no matter what.

Perhaps you can manage depression and stress clandestinely by using an anti-depression supplement such as Bliss RX. This supplement could treat stress and depression thus saving the trouble of revelations or any confrontations about your depression.


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