3 Stops You Should Take Along the Holistic Highway to Happiness

Are you struggling to find ways to feel energized, happy and confident on a daily basis? Do the stresses of life leave you feeling anxious and depressed? Well, I’m happy to tell you that you have the power within you to make simple changes to experience deep and lasting joy.

3 Stops You Should Take Along the Holistic Highway to Happiness

Trust me, I’ve been there myself. After building a thriving health and wellness business and developing real-estate assets for financial security while raising our son, my husband walked out suddenly after putting liens on all of the assets.

For over a year, I found myself living in fear and depression and crying every day. How could someone like me who is an upbeat positive person be dealing with depression? I knew why but I then knew that I had to turn my life back around. It was important for not only myself, but for my son, and for the multitude of clients and followers that rely on me for positive encouragement.

So, I put what I knew to work and turned my life from struggle to extreme success in every area. It is truly amazing how our challenges in life are actually gifts that if we learn to overcome them, we end up stronger, wiser and more confident than ever.

Let’s Take a Mind, Body and Soul Approach to Mental and Emotional Health.


Mind Control

1. Feed Your Mind Encouraging Thoughts. See where negativity and fear is being fed to you like a zookeeper feeding the hungry animals. Are you taking in negativity from the media and people around you? Stop watching the news and even stop watching TV for a while if you want to improve your life immediately. When you take a break, you will be astonished when you go back to see how much negativity and fear is dramatized. Be careful too on social media and pay attention to the people you surround yourself with.

Follow those that are providing positive inspiration and soon you will be sharing this with those you love too. Read a good motivational book or watch a truly uplifting funny movie or find a self-help course that encourages you to be your best.

What you say and repeat to yourself is reflected back to you in the world around you. What you believe about yourself is key. Pay attention to the thoughts you are choosing throughout the day and practice choosing thoughts that feel better. Know that you are loveable, healthy, smart and beautiful. The more you repeat encouraging words and phrases to yourself, you will actually change the neural pathways in your brain and soon your emotional state will reach a higher level than you even thought possible. Living at an elevated state is the secret to a good life.


Feed Your Body Energizing Foods

2. Feed Your Body Energizing Foods. Many people do not realize the relationship between what they put in their body and how they feel emotionally. In our society, most people stay up watching the late news, go to be with thoughts of negativity and fear, the alarm jolts them out of bed, they feel exhausted and then they start their day with Danish and a cup of coffee. Is it any wonder why most people are stressed and irritable?

First, luxuriate in a long nights rest. Please make good night sleep a priority in your life starting now. It is nearly impossible to deal with stress or emotional upset if you are exhausted. It is absolutely amazing and so empowering to see how well you handle the day when you have fully rested and rejuvenated. Plenty of sound sleep also balances your hormones that affect food cravings, metabolism and those feel-good hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin. Being well-rested is a key secret to overall health and wellbeing.

Upon waking in the morning, be sure to start your day with a fresh glass of filtered or spring water. Even if you had a sip of water during the night, when you awaken, you are actually dehydrated. Every cell of your brain and body are mostly water so you must be hydrated to feel energized physically, calm emotionally, and clear thinking mentally. Continue to drink plenty of water between meals all day long.

Never skip a meal and be sure to eat a healthy breakfast. Eating a diet rich in whole plant foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, will not only balance your blood sugar so that you avoid wide swings in your mood and energy, but they are also rich with the nutrients necessary to boost brain chemicals that help you feel good. Eating whole foods that are raised naturally is the key to overall physical and emotional health. By doing this, you avoid highly refined chemical-laden processed foods that can lead to all sorts of energy and mood issues. To learn many simple and incredibly delicious ideas for meals, snacks and even desserts, peruse our web site or grab a copy of my “Fabulous Recipes for Vibrant Health.”

Power of Meditation

When you eat a diet rich with whole plant foods, you are also by default eating a more anti-inflammatory diet, which is good for your body but has also been proven to support balanced mental and emotional health. Inflammation has been proven to contribute to depression and processed foods are a key cause of inflammation in the body.

Whole plant foods and healthy fermented foods support the beneficial bacteria in our gut. You must maintain a good level of beneficial bacteria to support a healthy digestive system, your immune system, and even your emotional health. There is actually a vagus nerve that runs from your gut to your brain and now we know that people with depression tend to have insufficient levels of beneficial bacteria. Stress, processed foods and medications can damage your beneficial bacteria. Taking a probiotic and eating healthy fermented foods are both excellent solutions.

Including pure cocoa in your diet is also an amazing tip for a healthy mind and body. Cocoa is not only anti-inflammatory but is also rich with PEA (or Phenylethylamine) that boosts your mood and gives you the feeling of love. The key is to include healthy forms without the sugar and dairy. Learn how to include truly healthy yet decadent chocolate desserts in my free recipe book titled, “Chocolate is for Lovers.”

Don’t forget to move your body, preferably outside. There are so many benefits for mind and body when you get outside in nature, breath fresh air, and move your body. Not only is it wise to try to get some vitamin D from the sun, but also being in nature exposes you to negative ions that will uplift your spirits and help you relieve stress. When you exercise, the brain releases other good-feeling chemicals called endorphins and you more easily release feelings of stress and anxiety. Exercise also improves your body image, which raises your self-esteem and your mood. I never go a day (in any weather) without getting outside for a hike in the woods behind my home. Afterwards, I feel energized, emotionally clear and positive.


Soul Cultivate

3. Feed Your Soul Cultivate Peace and Gratitude. What do you do that brings you peace? Some choose meditation or prayer. Others choose time with a child or a pet. Some love to garden or do a fun recreational activity that brings peace and joy to their heart and mind. Find what works for you and do it every day. Like planting a seed of hope and happiness, you must nourish it daily to get it to grow.

Practice gratitude and remember to smile. Instead of watching the news before you go to bed or some violent TV show, write out a list of the things that you are grateful for. Having gratitude for all that you do have in your life will uplift your spirits faster than a Ferrari on the racetrack. Being thankful every day for things in your life is the quickest and easiest way to find lasting joy. As you think of things you are grateful for, whether large or small, remember to smile. When you smile, you trigger the release of dopamine and serotonin, which are happiness hormones. Smiling also increases your attractiveness and perceived charisma, which can certainly give you more reason to be grateful.

hope and happiness

My favorite thing to do to, which affects my mind, body and spirit, is to listen to great music that makes me want to dance. When I do this while hiking, I find that I go further and faster, get my heart rate really pumping and it puts a smile on my face. I’ve been known to do this while cooking or cleaning too. Luckily nobody is nearby to hear me singing my heart out – out of tune!

Sometimes it is hard to adapt to the fast-changing lifestyle, workload, etc. These factors contribute to stress and anxiety which ultimately leads to depression. Nevertheless, to keep up with the ever changing environment it is vital to cope with stress immediately. However, what could be the faster way to cope with stress? Well, the most popular solution nowadays is a depression pill. Have a look at ReloraMAX, which might help you deal with stress and anxiety.

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