Difference Between Men and Women in Response to Stress and Anger

The advancement of modern society and its hectic pace have cause many of us to change our way of life. Compared to our predecessors, we have to intricately balance more tasks and responsibilities. The increased demands of our jobs have also consumed a large part of our daily lives. These transformations and evolutions in the global lifestyle have led to an increased in emotional baggage.
With the convenience of social networking and the help of technological advancements, it is a frequent occurrence where people seemingly lose their head over minor disagreements.
Only a few years back, an online gamer lost a duel in an online competition, spent 6 months tracking down his opponent in real life and plunged a knife into his chest. This is the sad current state of affairs. Even friendly online gaming can be taken out of context and lead to an overreaction of grievous bodily harm.
Another worrying sign is the rise in workplace suicide rate. A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed that workplace suicides had been gradually decreasing but turned the corner in 2007 and has been on the rise since. The study also found that men were more likely to commit workplace suicide than women.
Both the case study and the real-life event univocally highlights a single issue at hand; there is an urgent need to provide effective stress and anger management in the modern society due to the increased weight on everyone’s shoulders.

Difference Between Men and Women in Response to Stress and Anger

Stress and Anger Management

Anger Management

It is no coincidence that the risk of workplace suicide is higher in men than women. Neither was it surprising that the online gaming revenge attack was carried out by a man.
Many centuries ago, people have long established the fact that men and women are drastically different species of the world. They do things differently, they have a contrasting point of views and they handle their emotions through various channels.
According to Robert Sapolsky, PhD, the reaction induced in men and women are led by three main hormones in our body: cortisol, oxytocin and epinephrine. The Stanford University professor goes on to summarize:

  • Stress releases cortisol and epinephrine
  • Blood pressure rises
  • Blood sugar level increases
  • Cortisol lowers competency of immune system
  • Oxytocin is released from the brain
  • Oxytocin promotes calm and peaceful thoughts

Notably, men and women produce different levels of oxytocin. This is where the answer lies. Women are able to produce higher levels of oxytocin and combined with the female reproductive hormones, they are able to display empathy in stressful situations and avoid confrontations.
In contrast, men produce significantly lower levels of oxytocin and hence tend to stick to the fight or flight theory. In considering the dilemma of fight or flight, backing down is often not an option and naturally leads to anger and the inevitable unleashing of fury.
In a separate study published in 2012, participants were randomly split between taking oxytocin and a placebo. Conducted as a joint initiative between health institutes across Boston and San Francisco, the clinical trial arrived at the conclusion that during stressful situations, oxytocin is able to stimulate a friendly-oriented approach. This further supports the theory put forth by Robert Sapolsky, Ph.D.

Take Action

Although oxytocin is responsible for our reactions towards stress and anger, we have no control over its existence. This leaves us at a loss over how to control and effectively manage these negative emotions. Fortunately, scientific research has entitled us to several ways of keeping our emotions in check.
Health Supplements
Serelax is an all-natural health supplement that helps to effectively keep stress and anger emotions in line. Specially formulated and manufactured by Pharmaxa Labs, this product naturally increases the positive neurotransmitters and enhances overall mood.
Other than alleviating stress and anger, it is also able to reduce anxiety and sadness. Serelax is a non-addictive and non-drowsy health supplement and is the perfect tool for any individual to handle the high demands of their hectic lifestyle.

  • Exercise

    Engaging in physical activities helps to reduce the amount of stress and anger pent up in the body. During workouts, the body produces and releases endorphins, which are natural promoters of positive feelings and emotions. Interestingly, participating in regular exercises also have a net off effect. Having endorphins released frequently aids in controlling stress and anger emotions in future situations.

  • Controlled Breathing
    Regulating breathing helps to calm the mind and ease away negative feelings. Deep breathing has a positive impact on the body by lowering heart rate, decreasing blood pressure and relaxes the body. To maximize effectiveness, add a personalize mantra or phrase to accompany controlled breathing exercises.
  • Massage
    Massage sessions are a popular form of relieving stress and pent-up anger. Massaging has a soothing effect on the muscles and helps the body to calm down after periods of negative emotions. Moreover, the peaceful environment of each massage session helps the mind relax and find peace.

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The high demands of modern society have increase our emotional baggage. While men and women react and process stress or anger differently, it has been proven that the capability to handle these situations are not within our control. Rather, it is controlled by the oxytocin hormones. While high levels of oxytocin are seen in women and lead to a higher ability to control stressful situations, the production of this hormone out of our hands.
In order to cope with these negative emotions, we need to adopt several preemptive and preventive measures to avoid undesired consequences. One of the more effective ways is to rely on health supplements such as the Serelax.
It helps to calm the nerves and allows us to regain our composure. The Serelax is also helpful towards negating feelings of anxiety or sadness. Other ways to control negative emotions include exercises, controlled breathing, and massages.
All of these options are capable of helping us handle stress and anger in a positive manner. While the choice is down to independent judgment, the importance of these solutions cannot be underestimated.



Sam Kramer is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Six Sigma Green Belt Certified, and Certified Sports Nutritionis

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