What Should I do if I have Suicidal Thoughts?

Q: I have suicidal thoughts from the last few months. What should I do to get rid of it?
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What Should I do if I have Suicidal Thoughts?

Very many people experience suicidal thoughts and you are not an exception. Feeling suicidal doesn’t portray a weakness or defect in your personality. It is only a sign that you are undergoing much pain than you can handle at this time. Your pain may sound overwhelming or seemingly lasting for the rest of your life. However, if you give yourself enough time and get the necessary social support, you will laugh off the reasons behind your suicidal thoughts once your condition improves*. They will eventually disappear and you will be back on track to enjoy being alive.

Coping with suicidal thoughts:

Step#1: Promise Not to do Anything Right Now

Regardless of the severity of your pain, you should distance your thoughts from actions. Promise yourself not to do anything negative for the next one day or even one week or month. Thoughts and suicides are two very distinct things in life. Your suicidal thoughts do not necessarily have to be implemented at once. You are not being forced to implement your suicidal thoughts. Give yourself some time. Let your suicidal thoughts not compel you to take any suicidal actions.

Step #2: Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

If you take drugs or alcohol while having suicidal thoughts, you will only be making them stronger and might overwhelm your resistance to avert suicidal actions. Mental health experts recommend that you should avoid nonprescription drugs and alcohol if you have symptoms of hopelessness, despair or if you are having thoughts of suicide.

Step #3: Make Your Home Safe

Ensure you keep a distance from objects that can cause physical injury. These include firearms, knives, razors, medications or farm inputs. If you still find unsafe, relocate to safer areas where there are no possible threats for self harm. Move out from balconies of tall buildings if your suicidal intentions are jumping from higher grounds. If you intend to take a medication overdose, give the drugs out for safe keeping to another person who can return them in right doses when you need them.

Step #4: Take Hope – People do get Through This

Constantly remind yourself that there are other people who experience such feelings you currently have and manage to overcome them. Have some hope that all will be well after some time. Chances are that you will also be able to cope regardless of the extreme feelings of hopelessness or isolation that you are undergoing. Give yourself plenty time for everything to improve* and don’t try it out on your own.

Step #5: Don’t Keep These Suicidal Feelings to Yourself

The majority of people with suicidal thoughts prioritize sharing their experiences with someone they trust. This could be your spouse, family doctor, clergy, trusted friend, teacher, a coach, a mental health expert or winnipeg therapist through a helpline. You should look for someone and make him/her understand the feelings you are undergoing. You should not let fear, shame or embarrassment distract you will to find the help you are dearly in need of. Through sharing your suicidal thought, you will release a lot of pressure on the issues at hand and get the assistance to cope.

Feeling Suicidal is Associated with Problems that can be Treated

Anything that can create severe emotional distress can lead to suicidal thoughts. Such causes include loss of a loved one or property, depression, anxiety disorders, financial difficulties, overdependence on drugs or alcohol, legal cases, relationship difficulties, school problems etc. Such experiences can interfere with your abilities to solve problems and influence biased judgments or conclusions. All mental related cases such as anxiety, depression and bipolar disorders can be cured through medications, psychotherapies and changes in lifestyle. Even if you have suicidal thoughts after taking some medications, consult with your physician for alternative treatment options.

A Suicidal Crisis is Almost Always Temporary

Initially, it may seem like you will never get out of your current situation. You should realize that crises are usually short-lived. Your problems will get solved, feelings will improve* and events change. Always bear in mind that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. With time, your pain will be gone and everything will improve*.


By following this simple approach when caught up with suicidal thoughts, you will be a step ahead in handling their triggers. Through commitment and determination of not taking suicidal action sparked by suicidal thoughts is an important step in preventing suicide. Suicidal thoughts go hand in hand with depression and other mental disorders but can be overcome through psychotherapy, medications, lifestyle changes or a combination of the three. Some medications may not alleviate suicidal thoughts but giving another one a trial can bring in better returns.

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