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Therapy is a vital tool whether you need help managing stress or have been battling anxiety for years. You might be astonished at how much a single individual can help you manage your symptoms and improve your behavior patterns. Online treatment platforms like BetterHelp Vs Cerebral have exploded in popularity because they provide the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and convenience that traditional therapy approaches lack. However, people question these platforms as well such as is BetterHelp legit?

Betterhelp vs Cerebral: Which One to Choose for Mental Health
Betterhelp vs Cerebral

However, it’s understandable to be wary about internet therapy: how do they communicate with their clients? Is it possible to provide care of comparable quality? What is the cost of their services? Here, We’ll compare the two most popular online counselling systems, determine whether betterhelp or cerebral is better, and then answer all of your questions.

1. Customer Service


iIs betterhelp actually good? It contains an online form that consumers must complete. It also contains a FAQ section where often-asked questions and inquiries are answered and the proper replies are provided for consumers to view.


Cerebral is noted for its quick reaction rates when it comes to responding to clients. This is accomplished through their quick support desk, which assists consumers with all operations such as browsing the website, subscribing, and even canceling their monthly membership.

2. Privacy

Cerebral and BetterHelp

HIPAA regulations apply to both BetterHelp and Cerebral. Additionally, text messaging discussions with clients are SSL encoded and 256-bit encrypted in accordance with banking requirements. They abide by all applicable state and federal laws. As a result, neither of them has an advantage in this arena.

3. Exclusive Features


Do You Know how much better help cost? One of the most significant and unrivaled benefits of receiving therapy at BetterHelp is the availability of a free trial period. This is a seven-day phase that begins when the therapy begins. Clients receive free counseling and access to all of BetterHelp’s services, and they are free to leave whenever they choose when it is completed. Furthermore, if a client leaves after the first month, they will receive a 50% refund of the amount they have paid up to that point.


Cerebral does not provide a free trial, but it does give a substantial discount when you first sign up. For the first month, the monthly package, which typically costs 99USD, is offered for only 45USD. Another unique element of Cerebral is their mix of therapy services, which is made possible by the fact that they employ both Psychiatrists and Licensed Therapists. Their combined skill can provide outcomes that have never been seen before.

4. Consultation with the therapist


As mentioned in the ‘cost’ section above, BetterHelp normally provides a variety of options for a client to communicate with their therapist. These are some of them: Messaging through text, In a protected chat window, you may send and receive live messages. Messages in audio. Messages in the video.


Cerebral seems to do what BetterHelp does and more. It contains the following items: Messaging through text. Audio calls in real-time. Video calls in real-time. Interaction involving two experts, either a Psychiatrist and a Care Provider, or a Psychiatrist and a Licensed Therapist. Cerebral has an advantage over other e-therapy services in that it expands the number of communication options available to a client.

5. Merit for Therapists


BetterHelp exclusively hires the top therapists from across the world. They are fully qualified counselors, professional social workers, or licensed therapists. They must have completed the requisite education, training, tests, and licensure. BetterHelp therapists can help with a wide range of mental health issues, including:

Generalized Anxiety Illness (GAD) is a type of anxiety disorder that affects Psychosomatic illnesses, Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that affects people in, Sleep disturbances, Bulimia and anorexia nervosa are examples of eating disorders. Career-related issues, Concerns about money.


Cerebral differs significantly from BetterHelp in this aspect. It isn’t just concerned with the availability of professional therapists. Instead, it aims to use the appropriate amount of Medical Practitioners/Psychiatrists in conjunction with Therapists to provide a mix of both sorts of therapies.

6. Expenses


Plan for the Week

Do you know how much better help cost? The weekly plan is $80 USD every week. One live therapy session each week is included, as well as up to 24 hours of messaging services. Most therapists make it a point to respond at least once every day.

Plan for the Month

This costs 260USD, which the client pays in one flat sum at the beginning of the month. This is a more cost-effective option when contemplating the long run, as it costs 65 USD each week. It includes four live sessions per month (one per week) and 24-hour messaging services, much like the weekly plan.


Cerebral differs from BetterHelp in that most of its packages are constructed in such a way that monthly counseling is the goal. Weekly shows are available, but they aren’t very frequent. Furthermore, it integrates the services of many mental health practitioners for a client, providing for the best possible outcomes.

Basic Care Plan + Medication

This bundle will set you back $99 USD. It allows you to have continuous audio and video conversations with a fully licenced and competent Medical Practitioner/Psychiatrist. In addition, a second Care Provider visits the client on a regular basis. They maintain track of the client’s development and keep the Medical Practitioner informed. They also assist the client in determining the most effective psychotherapy therapies for recovery. Betterhelp or cerebral Whichone will you choose?


People who want more freedom than traditional therapists can provide can consider online counselling platforms. Telepathy may be particularly useful if you travel frequently, work long or irregular hours, or are in the process of selecting a long-term therapist. We looked at two online counselling service providers in this post. BetterHelp was the most popular service, while Cerebral was the second. Both systems have comparable capabilities. BetterHelp, on the other hand, is preferred by those who want weekly appointments with certified therapists. Cerebral, on the other hand, would be a fantastic choice for people searching for psychiatric therapies as well as psychological assistance.

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