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Is Anxiety Release Program Really Effective To Release Stress?

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The Anxiety Release Program

Anxiety is a common, yet serious mental disorder. In fact, it is the most common mental disorder in the United States. The statistic[1] reveals that around 18% of the American adults are diagnosed with anxiety disorder.
This is an alarming stat. The people diagnosed with anxiety disorder usually visit a psychiatric for overcoming their anxiety. There are many treatment methods that are likely to be suggested by a psychiatrist.
However, most of them are artificial treatment methods. In this article, we will talk about the product, Anxiety Release Program. This is a downloadable e-book, which promises to help people suffering from anxiety by revealing the natural cures for anxiety.

Author Of Anxiety Release Program and The Claims Made By The Author

The author of this e-book is Aaron Wells. He is not a psychiatrist nor does he have any medical background. However, he claims that this e-book reveals the natural cures for anxiety that can help the people suffering from anxiety disorder to kick out their prescription medicines.
Aaron used to observe her sister-in-law consuming prescription medicines for years. Suddenly, one night, her sister-in-law attacked her own children with a knife without being aware of what she was doing, as explained by Aaron.
This awkward event pushed Aaron to find out natural cures for anxiety that can help her and millions of people suffering from anxiety disorder regardless of the severity of anxiety. Note that Aaron consistently uses the words like prevent, eliminate, and solution because it is illegal to promote the program as a cure for anxiety.
According to Aaron, the regular consumption of prescription medicines can have many adverse impacts on peoples’ health, as it nearly made her sister murder her own child. There are many shady e-books sold online, and like all of them, this e-book also does not disclose the real name of the author.
Aaron is just a pen name, and the author wants to remain anonymous. This reason could be that the author does not want any low-quality information mentioned in the e-book to destroy his reputation.
In this e-book, Aaron emphasizes a lot on the dangerous impact side effects of anti-anxiety medications, which includes Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). He mentions that the serial killers, like Eric Harris and James Holmes, were taking SSRIs.
Aaron seems to be partnering with success healthnews for publishing his e-book online.

Extreme Anxiety Info

How Can This e-book Help You Overcome Your Anxiety?

Aaron explains that he has been researching a lot for months to find the natural alternatives for the treatment of anxiety, and he claims that he has found exercises, herbs, non-pharmaceutical treatment methods, and foods that can help in overcoming anxiety.
Aaron claims that the information that is revealed in this e-book is effective for every kind of anxiety disorder. The methods that are mentioned in this e-book can help the people suffering from OCD, social phobias, panic disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, and other types of anxiety disorder.
Aaron recommends the readers to carefully mix all the methods mentioned in this book for the effective treatment of anxiety disorder.
The major part of this Anxiety Release program is the 10 easy techniques to treat anxiety. He claims that only trying out 3 out of 10 techniques can help the person to be free of medications.
One of the techniques that he has mentioned in this e-book is so simple that it only takes around 60 seconds to perform it.
Furthermore, this technique can be applied in the comfort of your bed. All the techniques mentioned in this book take 15 days to show its full impact on the anxiety. This program is also promoted as the 15-day anti-anxiety program.
All the programs can be found in a single e-book, which makes it easier for the readers. Here are some of the important content in this e-book.

  • 11 simple ways to prevent the symptoms of anxiety, which includes simple techniques that only takes a few seconds to implement
  • 10 minor changes that can ward off anxiety from your life along with methods to rewire your nervous system to deal with stressful situations
  • A 15-day action plan to eliminate your anxiety ( a single step at a time)
  • A bonus section, Anxiety’s best friend, that will make you aware of the mistakes that lead to an increase in anxiety
Anxiety Release Program Book

The Pros of The Anxiety Release Program

  • This e-book price is reasonable
  • It consists natural methods of dealing with anxiety

The Cons of The Anxiety Release Program

  • The real name of the author is not revealed
  • The author has no medical qualifications for this product to be a credible product.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?

If the methods mentioned in this e-book do not work out for you, then you can ask for a refund within 60 days of purchase. Your money will be refunded without any difficulties and delays.
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Final Verdict

There are many types of research carried on the topic of the treatment of anxiety disorder. The majority of the studies are carried out by the qualified and experienced researchers. Now, the question is whether the claims made by Aaron in this e-book are true or not. Should you purchase this product?
You may purchase this product and check out the natural anxiety treatment method mentioned in this e-book, but it may not be such a good idea to completely rely on this e-book for the complete cure of your anxiety.
It is because Aaron does not have any medical qualifications to make this product trustworthy and credible. There are no valid proofs as well to prove that the claims made by Aaron in this e-book are true.

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