Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Colon Health: Which Colon Cleansers Are Most Effective*?

The term “digestion” is used to describe the complex process by which the body breaks down the foods we consume, removes vital nutrients and water so they can be used by the body, and expels wastes. The colon is a vital part of the digestive tract and the overall process of digestion. When it is healthy, the colon absorbs nutrients and water and completely expels all of those substances that are unnecessary and even potentially harmful: feces, bacteria, certain parasites, dead cells, and environmental toxins found in our food.

Problems can occur when the colon cannot completely eliminate waste. Over time, these undesirable substances can collect in the colon and become trapped there. And the amounts that accumulate can be substantial estimates state that some colons may have up to 12 pounds of what many would classify as “toxic waste.” So exactly what impact does this have on a person’s overall health? Consider this statement by gastroenterologist Dr. Anthony Bassler: “Every physician should realize that the intestinal toxemia (poisons) are the most important primary and contributing causes of many disorders and diseases of the human body.” Problems associated with these poisons include bloating, weight gain, lower back pain, and, not surprisingly, issues with digestion. The individual might also have acne breakouts, feel fatigued, or have frequent headaches.

The best way to address these issues and the underlying cause is to remove excess waste from the colon, which is precisely what colon cleansers are designed to do. These products may help reduce overall toxin levels in the body, allowing the colon to absorb nutrients more efficiently in the future.

If you decide to use a colon cleanser, it’s essential to know exactly what to look for in a quality product. Some characteristics of a good colon cleanser are:

  • It contains ingredients shown to help with digestion.
  • It contains extracts that can help your body eliminate wastes and toxins.
  • It has substances that support a healthy immune system.
  • There are gentle laxatives in the product to naturally promote bowel movements and help break down compacted and hardened waste.
  • It uses Probiotics to promote healthy bacteria growth.
  • Bowel movements-their frequency in particular-are a good way to gauge your overall colon health. Going more often means you are eliminating the waste that passes through your colon before it has a chance to “stick” to the intestinal walls, which can lead to accumulation over a period of months and years. As a general rule, you should have two to three bowel movements daily—one after each meal. The average number is likely much lower, but that doesn’t mean it is healthy or desirable. If you have bowel movements just once a day or once every several days, you should probably think about using a colon cleanser and consider how you can increase your intake of fiber. Taking this multi-faceted approach will likely increase the frequency of your bowel movements. And this can help address or prevent not only the accumulation of toxins, feces, and other wastes in your colon, but also the many health problems that are linked to this common issue.