3 Effective Ways and Improve Your Digestion Straight Away

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Published: May 9, 2018 | Last Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Ways To Improve Digestion

There are not many people I see in my clinic nowadays that do not or have not at some point experienced digestive problems. These range from gas to IBS, to bloating, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Bleeding, Pain, Reflux, sensitivity to foods, to chronic and serious digestive illness, such as Chron’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, to being recognized as a Celiac and having other clinical food intolerances.

There are so many digestive issues that it has become overwhelming for many of the medical profession, and we continue to be a nation and a world of increasing illness, unnecessarily so.

Here are 3 tips to help yourself in easy ways that have more impact that you will realize. Sometimes we underestimate the easy and small changes.

Until you give it a go and see how much our body is craving some basic care and an environment to heal, you will never know how amazing you can feel!

One of the very important ways to increase health, digestion and weight loss is to ensure we are eating in the ideal state of digestion.

Now in this day and age, it is completely understandable that we feel rushed, we feel like we have no time and we feel that eating is more of an annoyance than anything else.

The issue with this is that it is yet another way to disconnect with ourselves, another way to disconnect from our natural state and another way to disconnect from that which we put in our body.

These simple tools can help you to reconnect with your food and body in simple and effective ways that will assist with providing a healthier state of digestion.

1. Be Present

Eat While Watching TV

How many people do you know that eat at their desk? Eat while watching TV? Eat while rushing around the office or house? Eat while writing or reading emails? Eat while doing anything else but enjoying the eating experience? We actually miss the eating experience which starts in our mind. It starts when we look at our food and look forward to it.

Have you ever thought about a food or seen someone eating a meal and your mouth started watering? That is digestion starting. It starts by looking at our food, looking forward to it, smelling it and noticing what we are about to eat.

Is it any wonder that we fail to feel satisfied after we eat? How many of us actually look forward to our lunch? How many of us really know what our food tastes like or how it makes us feel anymore?

Bring present with our food allows our body to go through the eating experience, which in turn helps us to feel nourished. If we miss this phase or other phases, we often have a message sent to us from our brain and body, that says, I’m still hungry, I haven’t eaten yet, please feed me more. Have you ever eaten lunch or dinner and still do not feel full? You know you’ve eaten, but you are still wanting more? This is one of the reasons.

Being present with our food is a game changer. If you have 5 minutes, then use that 5 minutes to sit and be completely present with your food. How does it look? How does it taste? Does it crunch? Is it creamy? How does it make you feel? Does it satisfy you? Often when my clients become present with their food, they often realize the food they think tastes so great, doesn’t taste great after all.

When we are completely present with our food, our food takes on a different taste, texture, and intensity of flavors. Being present with food allows you to take notice of what you are eating and allows you to experience part of the amazing eating experience that so few of us ever get to have any more.

It also, very importantly allows us to be aware of how that food makes our body feel. How many of us have been taught that we are designed to feel great after eating food that nurtures and nourishes our body? We are not meant to fall asleep at our desk due to the way we ate our lunch and what it was.

Better Digestion Info

2. Slow Down

How many of us do you know that eat quickly? How many people do you know that gulp their food? How many people do you know that finish their meal so quickly that you look over and can’t believe they have finished already? Eating quickly means that our body misses the opportunity to experience a full eating process once again.

It also means that our body does not have the opportunity to digest, absorb and assimilate in a way that supports health.

Take the time to chew your food. This is a vital part of the digestive process. A wonderful experience is to be had here. Taste, texture and the start of digestive enzymes, preparing the food for its journey.

Instead of visually becoming aware of our food and having our mind tell our body to ready itself for an eating experience, we miss this opportunity and miss the opportunity to really enjoy what we are about to eat.

Rushing or eating quickly is one way to place our body in a stressed state and when in a stressed state the very last thing our body wants to do is digest, absorb and assimilate in a way that supports optimal health.

Often eating quickly and gulping our food, leads to reflux, food that ends up being undigested in our gut and food that is rushed through our system, so has no chance of being fully digested with the gastric juices and enzymes, let alone the nutrients being absorbed through the gut wall.

I have seen numerous digestive issues be diminished greatly, simply by eating slowly. Slowly down chewing, slowing down the speed at which we take bites and slowing down the rushed state we are in while we eat.

3. Breath

Breathing While Eating

Breathing while eating allows us to slow down, so there is a great return on investment already. It also allows our body to stop, accept oxygen and relax while we eat. We know that eating in a relaxed state causes an increase in stress chemicals.

This, in turn, causes our body to stop the digestive process, thinking it is in a state of slight flight or fight mode. This means blood is shunted away from our stomach area, from our organs and put into our extremities, ready for our imaginary emergent situation.

Our body needs to be relaxed to be able to digest, absorb and assimilate efficiently a and effectively. Before you eat, take a breath in for 4. Relax and hold that breath for 4 and exhale for 4. Do this 4 times. If you can’t make it to a count of 4, do what you can, and continue to do so 4 times.

This gives our body a chance to relax, slow down, accept oxygen and nutrients and to be in a more ideal state of optimal digestion. During your meal, stop and breath again 4 times. Again, this gives our body a chance to relax, slow down and be placed in a more ideal situation for digestion.

At the end of the meal, do the same thing. Breathe 4 times in a slow and deep way. This will help your food to be digested, absorbed and assimilated in a more ideal way.

To combine all three is easier than we think. Do you ever go out with work colleagues or friends to your “usual” place and have your “usual” meal and really look forward to it? You think about it before hand, your mouth waters, you sit with friends and laugh, and as the food comes, you smile, notice it, smell it and comment on it.

Then you taste it, and it is as good as you remember. You chew slowly to savour each bite because it’s one of your favorites and you take your time because you are breathing and talking, laughing and sharing in between bites, with your friends.

This is a wonderful and ideal eating experience. You may notice after this, that you feel light, you have energy, and you feel content.

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As we have all been discussing for years now, digestion, the gut, gut health and all that comes with that is related to numerous other health challenges.

We know that too many are now impacted by digestive issues and need not be., and we know that simple everyday actions can lead to a better digestive state that in itself leads to a greater state of health and wellness, throughout all areas of our body.

Give it a go, what have you got to lose? We presume nothing! But what if these simple tricks turn out to be useless? Well in such case you can give a big thumbs up to using a colon cleanser. We don’t want you to get baffled by the infinite choices of colon cleansing supplements available on the market. Perhaps you can take a quick scan of ActivatedYou Advanced Restorative Probiotic Review which might be considered as a decent choice in a pool of colon cleansing supplements. Besides you can always consult your physicians for further advise.

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