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Top 5 Proven Detox Benefits of Onions

I was an extremely lucky human being when growing up! Had an amazing cook (my grandmother) and lots of fresh (I meant fresh from our farm) produce as everyday food

Top 5 Proven Detox Benefits of Onions

Quite often I remember things my grandmother used to “make” us kids eat, and drink saying it would make us strong, or if we consumed certain foods we would never get sick. There is one specific ingredient my grandmother would never leave out of her cooking, ONIONS!

Onions are very popular in Brazilian cooking; we use onions (along with garlic) for everything.

Onion is a vegetable, commonly used to enhance/add flavor, sometimes different texture AND lots of nutrition to our everyday food! Yes, that’s right without adding a lot of calories, onions add lots of benefits to our bodies when consumed regularly!

Detox Benefits of Onions

Health and Onions

#1 Eliminate Toxins and It’s Effect

1. Because of its phytochemicals components, onions are believed to help prevent “toxins” from damaging our DNA cells and also making it easier for these same toxins to be eliminated from our body. A research conducted at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre (Seattle) found that females who eat ½ cup of raw onion a day increase their levels of detoxing enzymes (facilitating the removal of toxins from our blood).

#2 Fiber Rich

2. Fiber booster for your meal, onions not only add flavor to your meal but its fiber will help you eliminate unwanted toxins from other foods

#3 Healthy Bowel Movements

3. Fiber/ detox factor number two, onions also add more volume to your stool. Why is that important? Well, the more volume helps your stool move out of your body faster (in other terms we would be saying shorter transit period).

#4 Regulates Blood Sugar Level

4. Sugar detox anyone? Onions are amazing to help us fight sugar cravings, and yes if you are thinking about sugar detox you definitely want to add onion to your everyday cooking. Onion helps regulate blood sugar levels (it interacts with insulin the hormone that controls where sugar goes, and how we use it). Controlled blood sugars = controlled sugar craving AND stable energy levels (win-win!)

#5 Fights Bacterial Disease

5. Cold, flu and any bacterial disease gone overnight? There are a lot of health experts supporting and encouraging the use of onions in rooms and also in sick people’s socks. The theory is that because onions have a very powerful antibacterial (and I have read about fungal too, although haven’t seen a lot of research supporting it) leaving it in contact with a sick person skin it will “clean/ suck” the bacteria out of their system. I have done it (this is something my grandmother used to do with us kids). They can also “clean” a room if left sliced in half (you can use more than one) overnight…. You may find a black piece of something that used to be an onion the next day!

Onon Benefits Info

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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Note hence why it is not a great idea to keep used onions in the fridge (especially if you eat meat)

Have I convinced anyone yet to start cooking with onions (if you don’t already)? I hope so. A very effective way to enjoy the detox benefits of onions is to add into your everyday life.

South American especially Brazilian cooking has lots of amazing ways to use onions on everyday cooking!

Environ Health Perspect. 2001 Sep;109(9):893-902. “Allium vegetables and organosulfur compounds: do they help prevent cancer?” Bianchini F, Vainio H. Unit of Chemoprevention, International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France.

  • Eat lots of anti inflammatory foods such as pepitas, green leafy vegetables and ginger
  • If you have any allergy or intolerance to any substance stay away from it (example: gluten and dairy)
  • Reduce overall consumption of: sugar (of all kinds), alcohol, coffee, processed soy (such as in tofu and protein supplements are classic examples), margarine (or any hydrogenated oil, vegetable oil, and processed package food overall
  • Exercise in moderation (resistance: cardio: rest, get this ratio right)
  • Yoga and Pilates to stretch and recover your muscles and also deal with stress (reducing levels of hormones such as cortisol)
  • Meditation (even if its for 30 seconds a day)
  • Surround yourself with positive and supportive energy (people)
  • Sleep – focus on getting this one right
  • Fresh air and sun – daily!
  • Water – lots of water (until your urine is clear)


As the majority of health habits, adding onions to your daily cooking/ life is the best way to approach. Most herbs and spices have an accumulative effect, which means it is not about how many “onions” you can consume this week, and more how often and for long for have you been using onions which will make a difference to your health. Adding onion to your cooking can be a super simple way to start your detox plan. South American recipes will have a variety of dishes, and as someone who was born and lived therefore 20 years, I can say we cook with onions every day.
Well to be honest, for some people, even the idea of adding onion to their diet could bring a repulsive feeling. Thank Goodness, there exist some supplements on the market which could increase your colon health! Have a look at Dr. Tobias Colon 14 Day Quick Cleanse Review which might work to improve your digestion and could be a great rescue from onions!

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