How To Get Relief from Chemotherapy Side Effects?

Get Relief from Chemotherapy
Q: My Aunty have undergone through chemotherapy and facing its negative effects. What are the effective ways to recover from chemotherapy side effects?
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Chemotherapy has a lot of side effects because it not only kills the cancer cells, but it also kills the healthy ones.

Chemotherapy side effects and reliefs are as follows:

How To Get Relief from Chemotherapy Side Effects?

Since chemotherapy destroys red blood cells, you might develop anemia. Black walnut may be used for this case.

There will also be changes in your appetite because with chemotherapy, you will have this ‘metallic taste’ in the mouth.

Bleeding problems is another side effect in chemotherapy. Sheep sorrel contains oxalic acid that is responsible for faster blood clotting. With this, the risk for bleeding and losing a great amount of blood is lowered.

The lining of the colon is affected with the drugs, therefore there is a possibility you may have indigestion. Peppermint and chamomile can soothe the lining of the colon and you may enjoy these two herbs in a form of tea.

Burdock leaves is used to strengthen and tone the stomach, and is also used for indigestion. Slippery elm is also used for stomach problems and colon irritation.

The colon may also be irritated and you are most likely to experience diarrhea. Oregon grape contains berberine, which is good for relief of diarrhea. Oregon grape helps decrease* the secretions in the colon and has antimicrobial effects, thereby relieving diarrhea.

On the other hand, if you do not consume vegetables or add fiber in your diet, constipation may happen and also if you are not active.

As mentioned before chemotherapy has the capability to kill healthy cells, like those in your hair roots. Therefore, hair loss will happen through the course of your chemotherapy. However, for cell regeneration and detoxification, sheep sorrel is used for its stimulating effects to the cells.

The immune system is at a higher risk when you have cancer. Therefore the risk for infection is also higher.
Sheep sorrel helps boost* the immune system, due to its high vitamin C content. Another herb is also recommended to regulate the immune system such as astragalus. This is used to fight bacteria and viruses, making the immune system stronger, including the Echinacea herb. And with infection, another herb that may be used is the black walnut.

On the other hand, astragalus is also used for fatigue, which is another side effect of chemotherapy. During chemotherapy there will be changes in your body that will lead to fatigue. In some cases, cancer can make you increase* your need for energy.

Commonly mixed with other drugs such as glossy privet, astragalus is taken by mouth to treat* cancer of the cervix, lung or breast.

Nausea and vomiting depends on what chemotherapy drug you are currently taking. Radiation therapy is also another factor for experiencing nausea and vomiting.

Not everyone with cancer experience pain. However, there are various kinds of pain you might encounter especially if the cancer has advanced. There can be headaches, muscle pain, stomach pain, etc.

Some drugs used for chemotherapy can cause fluid retention. So swelling is more evident or noticeable on the face, ankles, legs and feet. With a high concentration of tannins, black walnut is used to reduce* pain and swelling. In addition, slippery elm is also used to relieve swelling and other forms of inflammation.

The herb burdock may also be used for swelling, as it is a diuretic, thereby helping eliminate* excess fluids in the body.

You will notice that your urine will turn red. This is likely because the medication you are taking contains a red dye that mix with your urine when you pass it out. This should clear up in a few days or so. In addition, blood in the urine can also be another reason.

Multivitamins and mineral supplements will be prescribed in order to ensure that you get all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

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