Cologuard Screening: A Test To Detect Colon Cancer

There is a brand new screening test that is revolutionizing the medical niche with its unique way to find out if you have any health risks of developing colon cancer. The colon cancer test known as Cologuard is by far the newest and most renowned way to keep your cancerous cells under control.

Cologuard Screening: A Test To Detect Colon Cancer

What Is Cologuard Screening?

Cologuard screening is a non-invasive FDA approved colon cancer test that can be performed in the comfort of your home while making sure that your privacy remains intact. The test is indicated for women and men over 50s.

It has a higher rate of revealing cancerous or precancerous cells than the random stool sample test. That’s because this colon cancer test uses innovated molecular biology formula to capture DNA that is present in the stool. DNA is collected from the stool. The process is rather simple. Cancerous or precancerous cells, if there are any, are transported from the intestine lining directly into the colon, to be shed afterwards.

Colon cancer is easier to detect via a stool sample rather than a blood test. An early precancerous stage cannot be detected via blood testing. Even though the screening calls for DNA testing, it still should not be perceived as a genetic test as it doesn’t provide any information on the possible inheritance of the condition.

How to Perform Cologuard?

Cologuard colon cancer test is performed at your house. It doesn’t require the presence of any doctor. It is very easy to do and requires no medical skills at all. You collect your stool sample and send it to the specific laboratory for further DNA analysis. Before the testing, you can eat whatever you want and drink whatever you want.

There are no restrictions when it comes to this. In comparison to the simple stool test, it only examines the precancerous or cancerous cells that can be seen in your altered DNA.

Your doctor has to make the calls so as to order the Cologuard Collection Kit for you. You cannot buy it because it has to be prescribed and ordered by your health care practitioner. Once you’ve sent your sample, you should expect the colon cancer test results in about 2 weeks. The results will be shipped to your doctor for further examination and the final verdict.

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Are There Any Health Risks Associated With Cologuard?

Recent studies on Cologuard colon cancer test haven’t observed any health risks associated with the test. It is a non-invasive screening test. Therefore, there are no health implications for you.

Is Cologuard An Accurate Test?

Cologuard has a much higher rate of accuracy than a simple stool test performed by clinics. However, this test is not recommended for those who

  • Have a cancer predisposition.
  • Have relatives affected by cancer?
  • Have diseases or conditions associated with cancer.

At the same time, Cologuard must not be performed when there is blood in the stool, polyps, menstruation, and etc, as there are risks of getting false results. In order to ensure the test’s accuracy, you will be advised to perform a colonoscopy.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Rarely does the Cologuard screening show negative result and the colonoscopy show a positive result. If that happens, it means that you have to try again the colon cancer test and make sure that this time you follow all the guidelines from the Cologuard Collection Kit.

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How to Get Your Cologuard Collection Kit?

To perform this colon cancer test, you have to talk to your doctor. He is the only indicated person to order the kit. You will receive a call to find out your home address because the item will be delivered to your house. In case you stumble upon difficulties while performing the colon cancer test, you will need to consult with a Cologuard specialist by phone or via the website.

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Final Verdict

Cologuard, the new colon cancer test, is one of the most effective ways of discovering the colon cancer that you might be exposed to. If you have any worries regarding this matter, you should immediately talk to your doctor so as to order this product as soon as possible.

Cologuard is way better than the simple stool test and will provide you with an accurate result promptly. This test coupled with a colonoscopy session will help you figure out whether there is anything to worry about or not.

You’re highly encouraged to learn some more information by browsing the official Cologuard web page as well as by reading testimonials of people who have already tried out the screening. It will help you gain the assurance that this is the right way to go to keep your health as well as your cancerous cells under control!

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