Viome Review – Are The Test & Supplements Worth It?

Optimize your gut health with Viome - a powerful prebiotics and probiotics supplement. Unleash your digestive potential for a healthier you!

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Viome is a company specializing in health testing that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to examine an individual’s gut biology in order to obtain valuable information about their well-being. This service provides personalized dietary suggestions and tailor-made supplements based on the analysis of these test outcomes.

But do their supplements actually work? Are the ingreidents high quality and safe? Can the testing actually work, and can it make clinical decisions?

We’ll answer these questions as well as bring you a real user review to let you know their experience with Viome.

What Is Viome Gut Microbiome Testing?

Viome is a company that focuses on health testing and analysis. They utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to study an individual’s gut biology and gather insights about their overall health. Viome offers personalized food recommendations and customized supplements based on the results of these tests. Their aim is to help individuals optimize their well-being by understanding and addressing their unique nutritional needs.

How Does Viome Rate?

Overall Rating: 4.7


Value for Cost

4.6/5Value for Cost

Return Policy

4.6/5Return Policy

Brand Highlights

  • Advanced Gut Analysis
  • Offers Personalized Recommendations
  • Tailor Made Supplements
  • Data-driven Approach

Key Ingredients

  • Acai Berry
  • Amylase
  • Black Currant Fruit
  • Marshmallow Root Extract
  • Potassium
  • Probiotics and prebiotics


  • Uses mRNA to screenshot gut health
  • Looks at cellular and oral health
  • Uses AI to keep results updated and accurate
  • It relies on multiple samples (blood, saliva, & stool)


  • Results may be hard to understand
  • Research backing Viome paid for by the brand

Summary of Maximum Slim

Precision Supplements & Probiotics + Prebiotics

Key Ingredients: varies depending on your test results

Best For: those who want supplements and probiotics + prebiotics

Price: $199/month

What It Does: Based on your unique test results, a formula will be created for you with over 50 unique ingredients, including your recommended vitamins, herbs, food extracts, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes.

Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics

Key Ingredients: varies depending on the results of your gut intelligence test

Best For: individuals who want the testing done and the probiotics + prebiotics but can’t afford the supplements and food results.

Price: $69.95

What It Does: This includes your gut intelligence test along with your personal formulation of prebiotics and probiotics based on the results of your test.

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

How Does Viome Testing Work?

Viome is a brand that leverages gene expression analysis technology and artificial learning to deliver personalized supplements, probiotics, prebiotics, and health insights to its customers.
The brand is supported by a Science Advisory Board comprising experts in various fields, such as genetics, genomics science, medicine, gastroenterology, microbiome research, nutrition, computer science, neurodegenerative diseases, physiology, and psychiatry.

Viome provides two primary tests, namely Health Intelligence and Gut Intelligence, which are used to generate individualized nutrition recommendations.

For those specifically interested in gut health, the Gut Intelligence test involves a stool sample that is sent back to Viome for analysis.

Viome employs metatranscriptome sequencing [1] for gut microbiome testing, which identifies the genes of active microbes in the gut. This method, utilizing RNA, is highly sensitive and provides insights into the types of active microbes present.

The Health Intelligence test kit encompasses the gut microbiome test [2] along with a human gene expression test that requires a blood sample.

Viome utilizes this blood sample to evaluate multiple types of gene expression, providing an assessment of overall health.

The testing technique employed by Viome has undergone clinical validation to ensure its efficacy and safety during transportation to their laboratories.

Whole blood analysis allows for a comprehensive assessment [3] of various factors, including physiological age, immune function, disease characterization, lifestyle factors, nutrition, and more.

Once all tests are completed, the results and personalized nutrition recommendations are accessible through the Viome app.

According to Adam Bernstein, MD, ScD, “Genetic testing offers an intriguing opportunity to gain insights about our bodies and can serve as a source of motivation for improving our health. However, it’s important to note that genetic testing alone does not provide a comprehensive understanding of our overall health.

Relying solely on an algorithm-driven approach to eating may lead to food restrictions that might not align with certain aspects of our lives. It’s essential to consider the broader context of our food choices and ensure they accommodate various aspects of our lifestyle.

While supplements can be beneficial in meeting specific nutritional goals, they should not be viewed as substitutes for the advantages of a diverse and balanced diet that supports overall health.

Our food habits and nutritional needs encompass a wide range of factors beyond genetics. Collaborating with healthcare professionals, such as medical doctors or registered dietitians, can be instrumental in addressing personal health goals effectively.“

Viome Ingredients – Are They Safe & Effective?

Acai Berry:

Acai berries are generally regarded as safe and have gained popularity due to their antioxidant properties [4]. They are commonly consumed as a part of a balanced diet.


Amylase is an enzyme that aids in the digestion [5] of carbohydrates. It is naturally produced in the body and is considered safe when consumed as a dietary supplement. Amylase plays an important role in the digestion of starch, and it also help control blood sugar, we discussed in our ActivatedYou Active Enzyme Reviews.

Black Currant Fruit:

Black currant fruits are rich in antioxidants [6], vitamins, and minerals. They are generally safe to consume as part of a healthy diet.

Marshmallow Root Extract:

Marshmallow root extract has been used in traditional medicine [7] for various purposes. It is generally considered safe, but it is always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using any herbal extracts or supplements.


Potassium is a crucial element for overall well-being, aiding in the regulation of electrolyte balance and ensuring adequate hydration throughout the cleansing procedure. It is an essential mineral present in numerous foods and plays a critical role in various bodily functions, including muscle function and the maintenance of proper fluid equilibrium, as documented in our Gundry MD Heart Defense.

Probiotics and Prebiotics:

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that support gut health [8], while prebiotics are substances that promote the growth of these beneficial bacteria. Probiotics and prebiotics are considered safe for most individuals, but the specific strains and dosage may vary. It’s important to choose reputable brands and consult with a healthcare professional for personalized recommendations.

Pro and prebiotics are essential for optimal gut health. This article goes into detail about what you should know about them for your gut health.

If you opt for the comprehensive testing kit and personalized supplement subscription from Viome, you will receive monthly shipments of your supplements.

These supplements consist of eight capsules per day and are formulated using a diverse ingredient list of 200 items, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and food extracts.

Your daily Precision Probiotic + Prebiotic formula is customized from a wide selection of more than 60 bacteria strains and a blend of probiotics.

Viome emphasizes the importance of ingredient quality and takes measures to ensure it. Their ingredients undergo testing both internally and by third-party laboratories.

Viome’s supplement ingredients are non-GMO, vegetarian, free from major allergens, and devoid of fillers. We approve of the ingredients and find that they are scientifically backed to do what they say.

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

Viome Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Viome?

A: Viome is a health testing company that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced technology to analyze an individual’s gut microbiome and provide personalized health recommendations.

Q: How does Viome work?

A: Viome analyzes a stool sample (for gut microbiome testing) and a blood sample (for gene expression testing) to gain insights into an individual’s health. They use AI algorithms to analyze the data and generate personalized food recommendations, supplements, and health insights.

Q: What does Viome’s testing involve?

A: Viome offers different testing options, such as the Gut Intelligence and Health Intelligence tests. The Gut Intelligence test analyzes the gut microbiome, while the Health Intelligence test includes both gut microbiome analysis and gene expression testing.

Q: How accurate are Viome’s test results?

A: Viome’s testing methods are backed by scientific research and clinical validation. While their tests provide valuable insights, it’s important to note that the field of microbiome analysis is continuously evolving, and results may be subject to interpretation.

Q: What kind of recommendations does Viome provide?

A: Viome provides personalized dietary recommendations based on an individual’s gut microbiome and gene expression analysis. They offer suggestions for foods to emphasize or avoid, as well as personalized supplements to address specific nutritional needs.

Q: Are Viome’s supplements safe and effective?

A: Viome claims to prioritize the safety and quality of their ingredients. They use rigorous testing processes, both in-house and by third-party labs, to ensure the quality of their supplements. The effectiveness of the supplements can vary based on individual needs and responses.

Q: How can I access my Viome test results?

A: Once your tests are completed, your results and personalized recommendations are typically available through the Viome app or online platform. Viome provides a user-friendly interface to access and understand your results.

Q: Can Viome diagnose or treat specific health conditions?

A: Viome’s services are not intended to diagnose or treat specific medical conditions. They focus on providing insights into an individual’s gut health and personalized recommendations for optimizing overall well-being. It is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional for any specific medical concerns.

Q: How much does viome cost?

A: The cost varies depending on what tier you choose. For testing and the supplements with pre and probiotics, it’s $199/month. With testing plus the pre and probiotics, it’s $69/month.

Q: What happens after I receive my Viome test results?

A: You can go online and view your results along with your food recommendations. Viome will then start sending you your supplements along with your pre and probiotics, depending on what program you chose initially.

Viome Real Customer Reviews

In our opinion, we believe that Amazon reviews provide a more impartial and unbiased source of information when compared to a brand’s website.

Viome received over 300 reviews with an overall rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars.

One of the top reviews is written by a user named Jack G who found the test highly affective and found the app and list of foods easy to use and understand.

“I was first told about this product from a friend who has struggled with being sick with all sorts of ailments over the years. He has tried so many different diets to help boost his immune system. He told me that this kit helped me understand his gut health better than any doctor ever could. I am a very healthy eater but was wondering what the “super foods” for me and what foods i should avoid even though they are healthy foods. Sure enough two of the healthier foods i eat almost daily, bell peppers and chickpeas are foods i should avoid. The reasons i should avoid them are listed and explained in the app or on the website in my user profile. Not only do i know what foods to avoid but also foods to minimize for differing reasons. I however like to look at the foods that i can enjoy and my superfoods. It is super easy to look up foods on the app to make sure they are healthy for my gut before i make a shopping list for the grocery store. Obviously now the task at hand is to follow through with limiting the foods i should minimize and try to nix the foods i should avoid completely. Overall the process was super simple and user friendly. The app on your smartphone is completely user friendly and simple to understand. I was notified through the app when my test results were ready and if i have any questions about the findings, i could ask through the app. I am excited to see how my body reacts due to my diet change. I would like to be able to see how my gut health improves overall and am interested in seeing if there is an option for that through Viome, but for now, i am overly pleased and excited about the results and the easiness of the overall process.”

On the other hand, a top critical review by Lorraine said that the product did more harm than good, and it caused her blood pressure to shoot up.

“More like pseudoscience and unfortunately their marketing outpaces the science. I filled out a very extensive questionnaire that took 106 minutes (that’s Viome’s estimated time to complete it not mine) and they sent me “personalized food recommendations and precision supplements to help. They tell you their supplements and probiotics are all you need for your complete health but some of the ingredients in the custom-made.”

These user reviews on Amazon provide varying perspectives on the efficacy and potential drawbacks of Viome. We approve of these reviews since they give the overall picture of how Viome works and what you can expect when trying it for yourself..


In conclusion, Viome is a health testing company that employs advanced technology, including artificial intelligence in health, to analyze an individual’s gut microbiome and deliver personalized health recommendations. Their testing involves analyzing stool and blood samples to gather insights into gut health and gene expression. Viome offers personalized dietary recommendations, supplements, and health insights based on the test results. While their supplements are claimed to be safe and effective, it’s important to consult with healthcare professionals and consider individual factors.

Viome’s services aim to optimize overall well-being by understanding and addressing the unique needs of each individual’s gut microbiome. For specific and up-to-date information, it’s advisable to refer to Viome’s official website or contact their customer support.

Where To Find It?

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

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Customer Reviews for Viome

Viome Review – Are The Test & Supplements Worth It?

Customer Reviews & Ratings

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  1. Marsha Cris

    I Appreciate & Highly Recommend !!
    I’m happy with my Viome supplement and test. I appreciated the personalized approach that Viome takes with their Colon Cleanser. I will continue to use Viome Colon Cleanser as a vital part of my wellness routine and plan on exploring more products from their range.

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