Yo-Yo Dieting – Does Yo-Yo Diet Affect Cellulite?

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Published: Jul 31, 2013 | Last Updated: Feb 7, 2019

When it comes to cellulite, yo-yo dieting is a major culprit. Someone that consistently goes on yo-yo diets increases their chances of developing fat and lowers their lean muscle tissue. Once these factors are combined, it makes cellulite a likely outcome.

What is Yo-Yo Dieting?

Yo-yo dieting occurs when someone frequently bounces between dieting and their normal lifestyle. Due to this bounding effect, it is called a “yo-yo” diet. According to many scientific studies, yo-yo diets are more than just harmful to someone’s health. A yo-yo diet essentially puts someone on a very low calorie diet. Once they are on this diet, their body thinks that it is starving and works to conserve fat. Instead of burning fat stores, the body begins to burn lean muscle tissue. When the diet is over, the person may have lost pounds. Unfortunately, the pounds are comprised mainly of lean muscle mass.

Yo Yo Dieting

This is an unfortunate situation because lean muscles burn more calories than fat. Without performing any activity, a pound of fat will burn one to three calories each day. Lean muscle mass will burn 6 to 40 calories per pound during the same time period. If someone lowers their lean muscle mass, they are essentially making their body work on less calories. Since they are probably eating the same amount, their fat stores will increase once the diet is over. This new weight gain is mostly in fat. The ultimate result is higher body fat and the same or higher weight. It also ends up causing the person to have problems losing weight in the future because they do not have the lean muscle mass necessary to increase their calorie requirements.

What are the Negative Effects of Yo-Yo Diets?

A yo-yo diet is an ineffective way to lose weight. It results in a higher body fat percentage and lower lean muscle mass. This makes it harder to lose weight in the future and promotes fat storage. In addition, the low calorie intake of a yo-yo diet is hard on the heart. It can weaken the muscles in the heart and cardiovascular system. After putting so many difficult hours into dieting, the individual is actually worse off than they were originally.

How do Yo-Yo Diets Affect Cellulite?

By increasing the amount of fat storage, it can lead to a situation where cellulite forms. Cellulite is located in the fat of the body. Logically, there is a higher chance of cellulite if fat increases. Even worse, the cardiovascular damage can make it difficult for the body to dissolve fat and remove toxins. Since poor blood circulation has been linked to obesity, this creates two factors that are inhibiting an individual’s ability to reduce cellulite in their body.

How Can Yo-Yo Diets be Avoided when Someone Want to Reduce Cellulite?

The easiest answer is to not use a yo-yo diet. They are harmful to someone’s health and fat reduction goals. Instead, people should adopt a healthy, balanced diet. This diet should become a lifestyle choice instead of a passing diet fad. With proper nutrition, people can lower their body fat and enjoy better health. As their body begins to deal with fat and toxins more effectively, it will help them to lower the amount or appearance of cellulite.

What do Experts Say?

In 2011, Ohio University conducted a study that showed yo-yo diets did not change someone’s metabolism. This is one of the few studies that do not show an entirely harmful result from yo-yo diets. The remaining literature strongly indicates the harm that yo-yo diets cause. At the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute, clinical studies of yo-yo diets have shown that it causes lasting damage to the immune system.

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