Working Out and Getting More Cellulite Why and Can I Reverse it?

Working Out and Getting More Cellulite
Q: I Have Been Working Out and Still Get More Cellulite. Why Does this Happen and Can I Reverse it? Is there any other way to get rid of cellulite?
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An estimated 90 percent of cellulite cases occur among women. Although men may also develop cellulite, certain hormonal factors make it more likely to occur in women. When cellulite appears, it typically creates a rough texture for the skin or a cottage cheese-like appearance. Some of the most effective ways to deal with cellulite are through diet, exercise, massage and creams. Although diet and exercise produce long-term results, it may not be immediate. Initially, exercise can even seem to make cellulite worse.

Types of Cellulite

Cellulite typically occurs on the bottom, thighs and abdomen. It can occasionally occur on other parts of the body. Men normally develop cellulite on their abdomen since that is where most of their fat is stored. Fat deposits are located on the thighs and bottom in women, so cellulite is more likely to occur in these locations. Often, cellulite appears like a honeycomb on women. As individuals age or lose* weight, cellulite may become more apparent on the body.

Exercise and Cellulite

The American Council on Exercise says that exercise can reduce* cellulite. With consistent exercising, individuals can lower the amount of fat in their body. Over time, this will reduce* cellulite. To lose* weight the fastest, individuals must use a mix of cardiovascular and strength training. Cardiovascular exercise burns more calories per hour while strength training helps to improve* the muscle tone and physique.

Working Out and Getting More Cellulite Why and Can I Reverse it?

On occasion, exercise can make cellulite look worse for a temporary period of time. When someone loses fat quickly, the skin has to adjust. Although the skin is naturally elastic, it can take extra time for it to bounce back into shape. While the skin is adjusting to the new body weight, cellulite may be more apparent. Over time, the cellulite will become less apparent. For cellulite to exist, there has to be fat deposited beneath the skin. If this fat is burned through exercise, the cellulite will ultimately disappear.

Other Treatment Options

Natural solutions to cellulite include a variety of creams and dry brushing. The best dry brushes are made of natural fibers. For dry brushing, individuals should brush toward their heart and begin at their feet. Individuals should get in the habit of dry brushing in the mornings before they shower. This helps to stimulate the circulation and helps the lymphatic system to remove* toxins or waste. In addition, certain cellulite creams can help to improve* the circulation. Anti-Cellulite Creams that have a five percent solution have proven to be effective at removing* cellulite.

There are also injections and massage therapy options that can help remove* fat deposits. Massage therapy is intended to stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system so that fat can be removed from the body. Injections perform the same type of action. Although there have not been enough clinical studies to prove their effectiveness, some anecdotal reports indicate that they can help with cellulite reduction*. These injections are typically made out of a mix of natural ingredients and chemicals. Pioneered in France, injections are now used in many parts of the world to treat* cellulite.

Working Out and Getting More Cellulite Why and Can I Reverse it?

When trying to get rid of cellulite, individuals should stay away from surgeries or liposuction. Liposuction removes* fat under the skin. Since the fat is removed in an instant, it allows the skin to sag over the contours of the body. This causes cellulite to appear even worse than it initially was. In addition to carry numerous risks and costs, liposuction does not work for cellulite removal.

Can Cellulite be Reversed?

Cellulite can be reversed. It tends to become worse after life events like pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause. In addition, cellulite tends to increase* as individuals age or gain weight. Since cellulite is found within fat stores, the only long term solution is to lose* fat. This can be done through a healthy diet and exercise program. A healthy diet should include a balanced mix of vegetables, fruit, whole grains and lean protein. Drinking additional water can help to improve* feelings of satiety and increase* the overall calorie count. Exercise will also assist in reducing* the amount of cellulite. Although a healthy lifestyle takes longer than the latest fad diet, it is the only way to ensure that the fat remains of the body.

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