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Ways to Fight against Cellulite!
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When it comes to the female form, many women develop cellulite on different parts of their body. According to scientific studies, up to 90 percent of women develop cellulite at some point in their life. Cellulite is formed when fat pushes through the connective tissue in the skin. Since these tissues are organized differently for women than men, few cellulite sufferers are male. Currently, there are no known cures for cellulite. It can be reduced* and the appearance can be minimized* using certain techniques.

Use Cardio

Doctors say that everyone is supposed to do cardiovascular exercise for heart health several times a week. For cellulite sufferers, doing cardiovascular exercise can reduce* cellulite. For the best effect, women should do 40 to 60 minutes of cardio up to six days a week. They can focus on specific body parts that are prone to cellulite. Over time, these exercises will help to tighten the skin. In addition, lower body fat will help to reduce* the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite Creams

There are numerous cellulite creams on the marketplace, but women have to find the right one. A study conducted in Brazil showed that creams that contained caffeine were more effective at combating cellulite. In this study, women applied a caffeine cream twice a day for one month. Afterward, 80 percent of the women had a lower circumference for their thighs. An additional 68 percent had lower hip measurements. Although this technique is effective, it only works when the cream is used regularly. Once women stop using the cream, the results go away. For long-lasting results, women must combine a caffeine-based cream with another cellulite reduction* technique.

Gotu Kola Extract

Scientific research has shown that gotu kola extract can reduce* cellulite and improve* relaxation. When taken before bedtime each day, this extract can increase* the elasticity of the skin and minimize cellulite. Although it may not be available at the corner grocery store, gotu kola extract is readily available at local health food outlets.

Increased Circulation

When blood circulation slows, fluid and toxins in the body’s tissues are unable to cycle out of the body. In healthy bodies, the blood brings nutrients to the body’s tissue and removes* toxins. If this does not occur, women may notice more cellulite. Exercise is a natural way to speed up blood circulation. For busy women, stretching on breaks or before work can help. In addition, foam rolling is excellent for improving* circulation. Easily purchased online, foam rollers help to open up muscle fibers and allow blood to circulate within the tissue.

Flaxseed and Kelp

Flaxseed is known to help improve* estrogen levels in the body. In addition, it contains increases* collagen levels which helps to strength connective tissues in the skin. This stops fat from pushing through skin tissues and helps to reduce* cellulite. In general, women should try to consume two tablespoons every day. Kelp can also help to lower cellulite. Ingesting kelp on a regular basis is linked to five to ten percent decreases* in body weight. This is due to a chemical known as fucoxanthin in the kelp which serves as a natural fat burning. To easily add kelp to any diet, women can use capsules or add it to soup, salads and stir fry meals.

Eat Right

Canned and prepared foods are ridiculously high in sodium and preservatives that encourage the formation of cellulite. To reduce* cellulite in the body, women need to eat foods that are higher in sulfur. Olives, celery and vegetables are high in sulfur and can help increase* collagen in the body. Looking for foods high in Vitamin A like carrots and sweet potatoes can also reduce* cellulite.

Weight Lifting

Women often avoid lifting weights because they are afraid of becoming too muscular. In reality, women lack the testosterone necessary to become as bulky and muscular as men. To reduce* cellulite, women need to use a proper weight-lifting plan. Additional muscle mass will help to tighten the skin and improve* the physique while reducing* body fat. On average, women gain ten pounds of fat and lose* five pounds of muscle every ten years. If this situation is not reversed through weight lifting and cardiovascular exercise, it can lead to a rise in cellulite.

Avoid Salt and Sugar

Some salt and sugar is healthy, but Americans eat a disproportionate amount of these nutrients every day. Excess sugar causes fat cells to expand and can lead to weight gain. Sodium causes water retention which can make the appearance of cellulite worse. In general, women should eat less than six teaspoons of sugar every day. They should also avoid any food that has more than 200 milligrams of sodium.

Drink Water

For a cheap solution, women should drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day. Ironically, consuming more water can actually reduce* water retention. In addition, it helps to remove* toxins from the body and helps to reduce* the appearance of cellulite.

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