Natural Treatment or Surgical Treatment for Cellulite

Q: I am looking to rid myself of some cellulite on my thighs and arms. I heard about many cellulite treatments. Which treatment is better: natural or surgical methods? I want the fastest way to get rid of cellulite. Has anyone tried any of these treatments and can tell me about their experience?
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Treatments for cellulite have expanded over recent years. Since cellulite first became a concern in the middle of the 20th century, the number of options for dealing with it has expanded immensely. Unfortunately, not all of the treatments are as effective as others. Liposuction in particular is a failed treatment method. Cellulite is made when fat cells push up through the connective fibers and into the skin. Once this occurs, it creates dimples in the skin that look like cottage cheese. Typically, cellulite is located on the thighs, breasts, bottom, arms, hips and abdomen. Although liposuction can remove* fat, it worsens the appearance of cellulite since it loosens the skin. Liposuction is expensive and carries numerous health risks for individuals. It helps to improve* the silhouette, but is not an effective treatment for cellulite.

Natural Treatments for Cellulite

Some of the best treatments for cellulite are natural. Losing weight can help to get rid of cellulite over the long term. Initially, the loss of fat will cause the skin to loosen and cellulite may appear worse. Once the skin shrinks to the new size, the cellulite will be improved* greatly. To begin losing weight, individuals should try to do resistance training and cardiovascular exercise. Strength training can assist in building muscle tone in order to improve* the general physique. Cardio exercise works to burn fat and calories quickly. In addition, cardio exercise helps to improve* blood circulation. This allows more toxins and waste to be removed from the body.

Natural Treatment or Surgical Treatment for Cellulite

Eating a balanced diet can help to improve* collagen within the skin. This connective tissue is designed to smooth out the texture of the skin. Sources of collagen include green tea, nuts, garlic, fish, garlic and beans. A healthy diet is also useful for helping to lose* weight and maintain the health of bodily tissue. Ideally, the diet should be filled with omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, fruits and vegetables.

Water is necessary for improving* the way the skin looks. When someone is dehydrated, their body actually starts to store water. This can cause water retention and heighten the appearance of swelling. In order to get rid of the extra fluid in the body, individuals must drink more fluids.

Popular Treatment Methods

For a long-term treatment, massages are one of the most relaxing and effective methods. Using a dry brush or vigorous massage can stimulate blood flow. As the circulation increases*, it allows toxins and excess fluids to be released. At home, individuals can use a dry brush or massage the affected areas by hand. There are also machines that can help. Lipomassage is a hand-held device that takes the skin between two rollers. Although the results only last for a few days, it can be a simple way to see quick results.

Mesotherapy can effectively be used for more serious cases of cellulite. Mesotherapy process uses injections that are regularly used on the affected areas. Normally, the injections are made out of herbs, minerals, aminophylline, minerals and enzymes. Although it is more costly than a cellulite cream, some of the results are more promising. Other medical treatments include different radiofrequency or laser treatments. Both radiofrequency and laser systems are designed to break up cellulite. For these methods to work, it generally takes up to six months or more.

Natural Treatment or Surgical Treatment for Cellulite

Cellulite creams are cheaper than surgical treatments and tend to work well. The most effective cellulite cream is made up of 0.3 percent retinol and should be used twice a day. Some caffeine-based creams are also effective at increasing* circulation. There are a variety of different anti-cellulite creams available with a range of efficacy. The only drawback to creams is that they must be used every day to maintain the results. Ideally, cellulite creams should be used while someone loses weight. This allows cellulite to be reduced* over the short term and the long term.

Although mesotherapy and medical treatments are effective, they do carry some risks. Injections can lead to an infection while treatments like liposuction can cause scarring or extensive blood loss. Ideally, individuals should try to use natural treatments for cellulite. Over the long term, these methods are cheaper and more effective.

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