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What Are The Best Treatment For Cellulite & How To Choose Them?

Cellulite is a very basic term meaning having dimples in the skin. In technical terms, the fat containing cells in your body (adipose tissue) swell because of the reduced circulation. This reduction in circulation can be due to any of the reasons discussed below.
The condition most commonly occurs in the thighs and buttocks of women. Other common regions affected may include the arms, belly (abdomen), or legs. Genetic changes is the primary cause of the disease, however, there are many other factors that may affect cellulite formation.
A few of these factors are:

What Are The Best Treatment For Cellulite & How To Choose Them?

  • Difference in the sex: Women are more prone to be affected with the condition in comparison to men
  • Race: the condition is more common in white women
  • Pregnancy: Hormonal changes lead to cellulite formation during pregnancy.
  • Lifestyle: A long period of sitting reduces the blood flow, especially to the lower extremities. This increases the risk of cellulite.
  • Obesity: Obesity is another leading cause of the condition. A diet rich in fat predisposes obesity. This further leads to cellulite formation.

There are no specific signs or symptoms of the condition, except that your skin would look like an orange-peel. Therefore, you need to worry about any risk or complication because of the condition. However, taking care of the skin is necessary, especially if you want to look good.

cellulite science

There are many options for managing the condition. The most certain treatments may include:

  • Making an incision to correct the dimples (subcision)
  • Therapy which aim the specific tissue areas (such as laser)
  • Medicines
  • Weight control through exercise and diet management

Now the question arises, out of all which is the best treatment for you to get rid of the orange-peel skin. You need to select the treatment very cautiously, depending upon the cause, as any different approach to the existing cellulite can worsen it.

Choice of Cellulite Treatment

The treatment depends entirely upon the cause of the condition. Your health care provider will take a detailed history to check for the cause of condition prior to giving the treatment. Below are some of the best treatment methods for cellulite to consider.

1. Cellulite Subcision

It is a minor surgical procedure, in which the provider will cut the dimple forming fibrous bands. It can be done on outpatient basis. The procedure aims to promote the formation of new tissues, and sort out the adipose tissues.
Results, published in the International Journal of Dermatology, showed subcision to be fruitful in 232 females between 18 to 52 years age, performed on the thigh and buttocks.

2. Laser Therapy

Laser therapy

Laser is one of the most commonly performed procedures. Laser therapy breaks the fibrous bands in the cellulite, thereby improving the appearance. Of all the available lasers, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have passed VelaSmooth for this purpose.
A double-blind study from the Lasers in Surgery and Medicine established that low-level laser therapy is a harmless and proficient approach to manage the thigh and buttock cellulite in most of the adolescent women.

3. Diet

An alteration in diet is effective in decreasing cellulite formation. When you decrease your regular intake of food, your orange-peel skin reduces in size and starts disappearing slowly. You should avoid taking too much of alcohol, caffeine, junk food. Also quitting smoking, and unnecessary medicines can decrease the cellulite.

4. Exercise

Exercise is important to tone the muscles and increase the circulation. Exercises also have the same effect as diet- the cellulite reduces in diet and finally disappears.

5. Mesotherapy

It is a very old form of treatment in which your provider injects a very small amount of vitamin containing medicines at the site of cellulite. A study conducted by the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy concluded that you should be well aware of the injection procedure, as it has not been tested much for its safety and efficiency.

6. Topical Creams/ Medicines

Topical Cellulite Creams

This is one of the most easy and convenient methods to manage cellulite. Creams applied at the affected site make the skin soft by dissolving the fat beneath. The crèmes provide an anti-inflammatory effect. However, you should be careful in selecting the crème.

Choosing the best cellulite creams will call for a keep studying and look at the contained ingredients at each available product contains different ingredients that are considered effective in dissolving fat and leaving the skin looking smooth and young. It should be according to your skin type.

When to ask for Help

Contact your provider if your condition does not respond to any of the above given treatments.

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Cellulite is a condition that affects your appearance. Fortunately, there are many methods to manage it and many studies have been done to show the efficacy of each method. The choice of treatment depends upon the underlying cause. The article provides and insight into cellulite and the best possible treatment approaches available in the current times.


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